Trump's Handshake, Analyzed


So the last part is kind of a Harpo Marx thing?

(I’m pretty sure that’s not the actual Marxes, but I haven’t found a screenshot from their movies yet. The Internet has failed me today.)


No, today, you have failed the internet.


Ouch! But I’m at work so I can’t screen grab from my DVD and post it until I get home. (If I remember it then.)


Like Darth Vader?

I wonder if she ever force choked Maggie or Tony? I know I would have been tempted to do it, if I had force powers.



Quite true.

– I did nearly just go with “Odds on him going in for the grab anyway?”, leaving the target ambiguous.
But then I remembered the national shortage of brain bleach. :wink:


There are two ways. One is to curl up your middle finger just before the clasp and then apologize for the giant wart. The other is to creepily stroke the wrist with your index finger; that one has a facial component that can be tricky.


Yes, thank you! I forgot YouTube. Guess I did fail the Internet after all… but in my defense, I was at work then. :slight_smile:



Ummm… okay, thanks! :laughing:

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