Comey was so creeped out by Trump, he tried to hide in curtains to avoid Donald's weird hug


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“He’s become more famous than me…”

jaw drop, stare, blink


I thought Trump didn’t like being touched.

Wasn’t he afraid to even be in the same room with Glenn Beck?


i’m all for dissing Trump but seemed like a typical bro-hug/handshake. now just impeach him already.


Imagine how crazy shit’s gonna get when drumpf doesn’t get impeached, because the republicans who back him are entirely satisfied with having an incompetent puppet for a president.


Honestly? I totally understand Comey here. There are few things worse than a boss who likes to get touchy. But hey, could be been worse if he was a woman…


Trump blowing that kiss to Comey is so weird!


It’s not typical when it’s between a president and an FBI director. When there’s an active investigation into that president it goes beyond atypical and becomes inappropriate. Add the context of events during the election and it goes beyond inappropriate and becomes sinister.

The FBI has to remain impartial and independent, and Trump was attempting to undermine that by behaving as if there was a close personal relationship which shouldn’t (and didn’t) exist.


I had never thought spiraling into nuclear holocaust would be this hilarious.


Its a shame Peter Sellers isn’t around to play Trump. Michael Flynn was almost a Strangelove character too.


Dr. Strangelove should be a required topic in school.


I think George C. Scott would make for a better Trump.


If “more famous” equals “less infamous” then Trump is correct. Not very exciting, but correct.

I don’t think for a moment he meant that. He seems to have committed an accuracy here by accident.


Made my 8 year old watch it with me a couple weeks ago.


That kind of poor imitation of humility without any internalizing it gives me “uncanny divide” shivers…



Well done, sir!


Wait, isn’t everybody afraid to be in the same room as Glenn Beck??


You’ve almost got it right. Chauncey Gardiner; not Strangelove.