Comic about the woman who invented the coffee filter


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Mmmm coffee. Even with needing to use a strainer for the grounds I love a french press but that is a really nifty story.


I didn’t know there was an inventor. Bless her.

Although I still enjoy Turkish coffee, too.


Oh man that is heaven, I really need to make it more often but I usually too lazy in the mornings to bother.


The funny thing is that Germany, the country that wanted to restrict women to church, children and cooking (Kirche, Kinder und Kuche) has a good record in women inventors and scientists.

The first person in the world to go for a drive in a petrol powered motor car was Frau Benz. She got into all kinds of legal trouble, but she did it, while her husband was away. I suspect she was the driving force behind the project.

And then there’s Lise Meitner, who was Austrian but, before the Nazis, was a professor of physics in Berlin. She is (partly thanks to our own Royal Society) deservedly famous these days, but Noddack and Noether are still underrated (Noddack proposed nuclear fission, but Hahn refused to admit she got their first.)


Who worked in a building that didn’t even have women’s restrooms.

Although based on at least one source (The Disappearing Spoon) it seems that Hahn’s motivations are not well understood. He seemed perfectly willing to credit Noddack for her discoveries in previous instances.


Melitta… Noooooooooo 80s coffee ad jingle on a loop in my head. Damn you for implanting that horrid earworm…


You know you could oust that earworm with the Smurfs song…


I don’t know you, but I do hate you.


Happy to help! :smiley:


It’s okay, feeding my daughters and they have me doing a song " hey rob, hey what, are you ready, to what, to pop!"



Her name is still synonym with her invention in many countries. Pretty good run, I’d say.

(did “mutter” confuse anyone else in the “German mom” context?)


Is that an intentional joke?


If I have to tell you it’s a pun, it isn’t one.


It’s simply “mother” written correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

And to fulfil my Bildungsauftrag:
“Mom” would be “Mama” …


Whew, good! I was afraid it was a pun.


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