Coming soon: Lloyd Kahn's new book "Rolling Homes — Shelter on Wheels"

Originally published at: Coming soon: Lloyd Kahn's new book "Rolling Homes — Shelter on Wheels" | Boing Boing


Woo Hoo! Take my money Lloyd! I can’t wait.

Thanks to the poster for sharing this.

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Looks good! It can go on the shelf beside this one:

Some Turtles Have Nice Shells

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When I was a kid, I wanted to own something like Eddie Albert’s Winnebago van from Escape to Witch Mountain.


There was a book from the 80s called ‘Ideal Homes’ about fucking off to live in a converted bus (I read it after fucking off in a converted bus, then someone gave me a copy). I want to say it was from AK Press, but can I bollocks find it on the Googles.

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This looks awesome!
That JDM van, tho… Right hand drive with a locking diff. There’s a '95 for sale on Cars & Bids this week:

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A lot of these “I live in fixed up whatever” videos are about people having panic attacks when things go sideways because the day got more complicated than “rolling up to some wifi and working on the laptop for a few hours”.

I love seeing people who ‘get it’ and have those extra skills needed to make the lifestyle work. Don’t be afraid to rewire a pump or smartly get themselves out of a jam.

Too often you see Instagrammers with small dogs posing at some outlook vista and I think “they would die from ineptitude if they even got a flat tire”.

I wish I could make the leap from cushy job-for-life to this nomad lifestyle. Good on those that can figure it out and stay sane.


Are there no firms in the US or UK that could print this book at a reasonable cost?


My brother is converting a van at the moment. Fortunately he rang me up when he was doing the electrics “There’s three contacts on the back of the switch, so that must be for negative, positive and ground right?”.
It’s ok, I talked him through it and he has not burnt the van to the ground :wink:
My other brother owns a purpose built camper van (‘RV’) and confirms that the saying about boats applies here as well; “the two best days with it are; the day you buy it, and the day you sell it”.

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