How to know if the Overland Expo is for you

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As anyone who rocked a VW van will know, having some amenities in the vehicle and easily accessible is quite the thing. I’ve cooked out of a campstove and shat in enough self-made holes to appreciate the cool, clean porcelain of home. But some of these folks…wow. I think the Tea Party and/or doomsday prepper aesthetic is strong with this crowd.

That said, if the owner of the pop-top International is looking to hand off her ride…


If you’re going to live in a truck, make it a homely one like this:

I’ll miss the Econoline 4x4 sportsmobiles. Maybe I’ll be able to afford one some day.

Joel!!! Come back to us

Ha, I watch that guy’s channel regularly.
I dig the canyon “one take” video series - on-going - in all kinds of different cars.

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Wow … a couple of those people seemed to be awfully close to the vehicles and tow-line. Full disclosure: I have not taken any towing and/or winching classes, and I have never towed and/or winched anything. But I did just watch this video last week: (so I’m an expert now of course, and fully qualified to pass judgement :smiley: )