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The more I dig, the funnier it becomes. I was impressed that George did not make any nasty comments against the Islamic nature of the name “Medhi Hassan”, only to discover that the man’s name is actually Mehdi Hasan (unless George was referring to the late ghazal performer Mehdi Hassan, which would still involve the same wrong spelling in the first name).

In George’s defense, I’m sure it’s hard to keep up on the political specifics for a country you emigrated away from 10 years before.

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From the New Statesman article (the comment is the first in the thread):

Maybe. But to pretend racism doesn’t play a role in generating hostility towards, and anxiety over, immigration is naive, if not disingenuous. Those who piously claim that opposition to immigration in the UK isn’t driven by prejudice, bigotry and hysteria, but rather by “legitimate concerns” over rising migrant numbers and a growing pressure on public services, should try answering the following five questions…

Ahem… it’s not about racism, it’s actually about ethics in immigration journalism.


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