Commercial for Banksy's Dismaland

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Wish I could go, looks like a great way to get art out of the stifling “white cube.”


man, pulling out all the stops for this project. surely we can find out who s/he is now, right? with a collaboration with so many artists, and so much media, with such a huge project, can’t we finally put the mystery to rest?

The mystery is part of the Banksy brand now, though, isn’t it? I’d imagine that if Banksy doesn’t want to be outed, s/he had an awful lot of NDAs drawn up for this project.

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So where is it? The video had the family with the steering wheel on the wrong side.

My 19 year old self would have eaten this up. If they make like a coffee table book of the exhibits I’d get it.

Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. Just down the road from Brighton, where Banksy’s from.

But who is Burning Man? I’ve been scratching my head over that for at least a decade.


sell out

In case you’re not joking, the Man:

the Man, Burning:

So it’s like the ‘Wish you were Here’ album by that Pink Floyd guy, but geared more toward Christopher Lee fans?

If Christopher Lee fans like hundred-foot-tall humanoid bonfires, then yes.

Well, duh…

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