Company sells all-black panels for PS5, dares Sony to sue it

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I could be wrong, but I think the first company was reproducing the PlayStation logo on their panels. Sony basically had to sue to protect their trademark.

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I want a PS5 but damn, is it ever an ugly and hulking beast of a machine. The PS2 and PS4 are great pieces of industrial design - interesting looking without being completely intrusive. The 5 is just… what the fuck. I like how Microsoft decided to just make a big black cube with the Xbox Series X. It may not be small but at least it doesn’t stand out.

At this point I’m holding out until the inevitable “slim” edition comes out which will hopefully be smaller and black.

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Or you can use the Musou Black.


I tried adjusting the black level to make the paint look darker but it made it hard to read the jar

Sometimes more black is too black


Is It what you call pitch-black?

hole in space


Mr. Kapoor, is that you?




It’s like, how much more black could it be?

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This is a false narrative pushed by large corporations when they want an excuse to sue small companies or individuals for frivolous uses. The only time you need to sue to protect a trademark is when it is being used for the purpose of confusing the origin of the products, or to try stop your company name from becoming the “generic” name for the product.

You can normally lose a trademark for only two reasons: Abandonment or the name becoming the generic term for the product.

Basically, you cannot ever “lose” your trademark just because some other company uses it on something (with the corner case exception being one where you specifically let them do so and majorly screwed up the agreement). Them using it can be considered supporting evidence for either abandonment or becoming generic, but that’s a small part of a larger burden of proof, and the smaller the company doing it the less weight it holds.


I’m not a gamer and this is the first time I’ve ever looked at a picture of the PS5. Kind of looks like a Stormtrooper got his head caught in a garbage compactor.


tactical PS5… I wouldn’t want a shiny game console giving away my unit’s position. Hopefully the LEDs aren’t blindingly bright (and blue)

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