Comparing unusually popular cars in red and blue districts

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So what does it mean that I’ve owned both?


If the ‘American’ car companies made similar compact models I would be happy to buy one. Also those Toyota’s and Honda’s are more than likely made in the states as it is cheaper to produce and assemble here vs. shipping over container boats. Even KIA has built factories here now.


And while I get that Seattle is very democratic in its population WTF is it with the Prius? You can’t go anywhere in the city and not see 10 of them… Though to be fair I do like the one I drive around and it is a very nice car.


You’re at war with yourself? Or you have a reason to have both? Or some people aren’t easy to pin down?


What does it say about the type of person who wants to put an electric/hybrid engine into a Dodge Ram 1500


That you’re a dirty, dirty traitor. Or have finally seen the light.


That you’re eagerly awaiting Tesla to come out with a truck with those specifications and hoping you can afford it when it does come out?


Indeed, at night you’ll find a Silverado 1500 and a Prius in our driveway. Gots some serious bipolar action going on over here, I guess.

To be fair, though, the truck mostly just sits in the driveway unless it snows or something large-ish requires hauling.


I am surprised the Nissan Leaf isn’t on that list.

Also, Saab 3-Sep?

Automatic date formatting?

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“Back in the old Camaro-Mustang days, things could get pretty nasty on the Senate floor,” said Sen. Hank Rawlings (D-Smyrna), a member of the Tennessee legislature since 1973. “But there was one difference: In those days, the governor could instantly bring the legislature to consensus by calling for a vote on the ‘shitbox’ status of the then-new Japanese compacts. Those votes would always be unanimous.”

–from Tennessee Legislature Divided Over Ford-Chevy Issue

This was one of those times an Onion article was just far too plausible to be funny.


Geographically limited sales areas last time I looked into it, also, they lease Toyota’s technology, so save a few bucks and just buy the damned Prius already.

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I do see a fair amount of Leafs and the bigger all electric from Chevy the Volt? on the commute in the afternoon.

The Bolt (is it out yet?) from Chevy has me really interested as they claim 200 miles on a charge.

I was pretty tempted by the BMW i3. If only it had just a little more range. Guess I’ll keep waiting for the vapourware affordable Tesla.


Nothing bothers me more than when I see a heavy duty truck without a scratch or dirt on it. Poseurs.


SInce urban areas tend to affiliate more with Democrats and rural areas more with Republicans, it isn’t too surprising that people in urban areas would tend towards smaller vehicles and people in rural areas tend toward larger vehicles. American branded vs. foreign branded might be more related to party beliefs (although I did notice a Toyota made the Red list :slight_smile: ).


More telling, there are only 2 non-full sized pickups or SUVS in the R list, and those are a mid sized truck (the Dakota) and a mid sized SUV (the Kia Sorrento). Everything else is a half ton pickup or SUV built on a half ton chassis.


Very good point, although I think it’s even deeper than this. Even in cities that lean Republican, there seem to be more trucks and SUVs—even in older cities, where the streets aren’t really wide enough for them.

(Anecdotal evidence only!) Your mileage may vary.


It’s so that the owner can feel superior.