Tesla stock sinks another 11% as Elon hypes Russian Prime Minister tweet "predicting" U.S. civil war

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But… he’s a disrupter! Can’t we all just inbreathiate the moment?

Okay. If you want to shake things up, you start with something small. You break a norm or an idea or a convention, some little business model, but you go with things that people are kind of tired of anyway. Everybody gets excited because you’re busting up something that everyone wanted broken in the first place. That’s the infraction point. That’s the place where you have to look within yourself, and ask: Am I the kind of person who will keep going? Will you break more things? Break bigger things? Be willing to break the thing that nobody wants you to break? Because at that point, people are not going to be on your side. They’re going to call you crazy. They’re gonna say you’re a bully. They’re gonna tell you to stop. Even your partner will say you need to stop. Because as it turns out, nobody wants you to break the system itself. But that is what true disruption is, and that is what unites all of us. We all got to that line, and crossed it.



Best cover image I’ve seen here lately. A true audible laughing moment!


[…] the paradox at hand: Elon running Twitter wrecks his reputation and investor confidence in his other companies, but Elon “focusing” on his other companies will just make things worse for them.

ElMo is the object lesson of “Be quiet and let them think you’re a fool, rather than speak and prove it to them”


Watching Elon spend $44B to give his reputation a viking funeral, and in the process, setting fire to everything else.



Elon Musk with Elizabeth Holmes’ eyes

How much did he pay for them?

I mean, I hope he kept the receipt…


… that it was always overvalued in the first place?


A murderous dictator warning of a possible us civil war being quoted by a corporate psychopath on the social media platform he owns and also partially responsible for escalating a us civil war.

Some people believe in secret societies controlling everything, meanwhile we have global super villains screaming for attention on social media.


Obligatory AF:


How many supervillains in a room together does it take to be a secret society?


It’s kinda like wondering why the demand for Cosby show DVDs has gone down or something. It doesn’t really even matter so much if he’s directly involved in running Tesla. He made himself so much the only thing you think of when you think of Tesla vehicles and his personal brand is sunk. I remember a time when I knew who Nicola Tesla was and didn’t know who Elon Musk was. Those were the good old days.


Seriously, though.


The only reason i clicked on this post was to see what Elon had to say about the Russian Prime Minister tweet “predicting” U.S. civil war yet the post and outgoing link to The Guardian article said nothing about that.

Was that an example of clickbait? I’m shocked.


They are two concurrent events.

"Musk, the Tesla boss who now owns Twitter, responded to the suggestion he would emerge as U.S. president by tweeting back “Epic thread!!”


With the GQP Russian dictators and henchmen, it’s always projection.


recreational nanomanagement

Thank you. That’s a turn of phrase I’ve been looking for.


I think that’s part of the draw of QAnon, the feeling that there is a chance to be part of the Con, the new ruling conspiracy. An attempt to quell that feeling that Lovecraft tried to evoke that the universe is uncaring and you supposed pinnacle of evolution, that you are not God’s chosen people after all but an insignificant speck. So you believe the pablum, hat Trump is the genius behind The Apprentice, that Elon Musk has a special gift. And that those you grew up hating were baby killers all along.


I’d say the biggest reason is even simpler: increased competition from older carmakers who have caught up to the most important innovations Tesla introduced (which, come on. “Let’s make electric cars using the batteries with the highest energy density”), but don’t have the same problems with QC because they already knew how to make cars. As a disruptor, Tesla has done what it set out to: getting electric cars as a mainstream concept off the ground. But being disruptive is not really a long-term business strategy.

SpaceX is similar, but in a better position because of the immense lead times in that industry. And if they manage to get Starship working, I think it’ll be at least another decade before they face serious competition.