Millions of poor rural voters now hate Trump and millions of rich voters still support him, but the press only profiles poor people who remain Trumpists

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Okay, sure. The media blew it. The media has biases. Fair enough.

But boy were those rural voters suckers. I’m glad that so many Trump voters now see him for what he is. But the rest of us have known him for decades.


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If you’re depressed because you don’t have family or friends to spend time with during this holiday season, just announce you’re a working class Trump voter and the media will send a reporter to come talk to you.


There are so many people who I’ve wanted to grab by the ears and scream in their faces “YOU FUCKING RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBE”


Because it doesn’t matter if poor rural voters hate Trump. They’re still going to vote straight Republican because it’s what their parents and grandparents did. I’m being overly broad, of course, but when Trump’s disastrous legacy is finally written, the GOP will find a way to disavow any of it, despite the fact that Trump is actually implementing their professed policies. The problem is that GOP policies are themselves poorly thought out, sycophantic, narcissistic, and socially destructive and inherently bigoted. they have been for at least 40 years.


The rich white educated voters who voted for Trump would never do anything so plebeian as speaking with a journalist about why they voted for and still support Das Hairpiece. You’d be lucky to get past the gate unless you were cleaning the pool.

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Similar piece from Stassa Edwards over at TheSlot:


Silly people saying outrageous things make for good headlines that sell the papers bring in the clicks.

'Twas ever thus.


I’m glad we’re finally at the point where more people are questioning this trend of obsessively profiling poor rural white assholes while admonishing the reader for failing to coo over them like they are sweet lost puppies because if you are mad or hold them responsible for hateful beliefs you’ll fail to sway them to our side and therefore it’s YOUR FAULT WE LOST because it was your job to be the asshole whisperer but not our job as journalists to tell you how to achieve the empathy we demand from you, oh no, us journalists are just supposed to tell you they are petty, cruel, hateful, want you dead, are normal and go grocery shopping, are every fucking where, take photos that make them look heroic, and then walk right past all the people they hurt in their own communities because fuck them who needs empathy for them.

Now write some stories about non-whites, or poor rural whites that are not assholes, just literally anyone else in the country. Interview a DOG. Then you can admonish the reader for not adopting the dog and have the same smug feeling of superiority without elevating people who want me dead.


I always laugh at articles that tell us what “Trump voters” are like. The fact is, many Trump voters hated Trump, but voted for him anyway, because they hated Hillary more. The fact that many people making $100,000 per year voted for Trump, doesn’t mean that those people still support him, or that they would vote for him again. And some of those who do support him seem to think that if they don’t, Hillary becomes president.


Not compared to the first paragraph of @Doctorow’s text. You are, by comparison, nuanced. :slight_smile:


I suppose none of these metrics matter until election day. But, I’ll bet dollars to donuts these same folks who claim to hate trump and his policies will still vote for the guy with an ‘R’ next to his name. They’re just too fucking stoopid… and I really like donuts.


It is psychologically very hard to admit you’ve been conned, because you’re admitting you’re wrong.



But where was their vaunted skepticism before they went all in?

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After years of snooty liberals, he told them it’s just fine to be racist.


So, hard to admit when you’re wrong + easy to be wrong.


This is an insightful point. Working-class and working-poor supporters of Il Douche are eager to talk to journalists because they’re not usually given a voice or a hearing by those of higher social or economic status.

As to why the media bother doesn’t ask the middle-class college-credentialed exurbanite and suburbanite voters who voted for the grifter why they did so, it’s because that would challenge what is for them a simpler and more comforting narrative about only uneducated poor people (i.e. others) being racists.


Yeah, but no. That’s exactly what voting for someone means. I think I get what you’re saying, but a vote=support. In fact, for the ast majority of people, a vote is the only form of “support” available to them. And they should be shamed for it eternally.


Gosh, how’d that happen I wonder?

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I shall refer to him as Das Haarteil from now on.

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