Compilation of Florida drivers discovering red lights are not optional

imagine what with snow ice …and blizzard



The traffic engineer I’ve been in the same room with thinks traffic engineering should be used to slow down the flow of traffic. His shenanigans helped turn my neighborhood into an obstacle course with pedestrians dodging cars and cars dodging the obstacle course.

In fairness to him, if we decrease our top speed, allow more space between cars, and come to a full stop less often, traffic will flow smoother and we’ll all get home sooner. Bottlenecking traffic is not the same thing.

I’m sure the main instigator and the traffic engineer are the only ones surprised the kids, dog walkers, cyclists, and other people not-in-a-car are forced closer to the pointlessly weaving cars and have to jump into bushes, mud, and dog poop to avoid getting run over.


After reading about the president-elects new shadow cabinet I dispute the basic premise here.

From an outside perspective the USA is among those countries.


Strangely Cairo has it figured out. Nothing quite like a mix of buses, mercedes, donkey carts, pedestrians, motorcycles, no lanes, no lights, and it just seems to flow. Admittedly foreigners are not allowed to drive. Thank Jeebus.


Dark Age Ahead” was published in 2004, when science and engineering experts still enjoyed some respect from the American masses, albeit a semi-religious variety based on credentialism, still-novel consumer technology, and not-yet faded memories of the mid-20th-century space race and medical breakthroughs. The rest of Prince Bush’s term wiped that out, and the Know-Nothing backlash against an educated African-American being President put a definitive end to it. Even a pessimistic curmudgeon like Jacobs (who died in 2006) couldn’t imagine that things could have gone bad so quickly.


That gave me the collywobbles.


Darwin’s Corner?



I think a bit more fair way to look at it is that different places have different driving cultures, and when they operate in isolation, things tend to work OK. Roman traffic is crazy, but somehow the Vespas and Ferraris and delivery trucks manage to coexist.

I’ve driven in Boston and while I was a bit stunned by how aggressive they are, they tend to be pretty consistent and predictable. However, Florida is a place where you combine drivers from all over. If you were to take a mix of Boston and Minneapolis drivers, you’d get big problems, and if you throw into the mix people from Haiti and rural Pennsylvania and retired NYC cabbies, you’ve got a nearly explosive mix of driving cultures.


If you’re referring to your interstate highways, I heartily concur.


I suspect municipal policy is driven by the desires of awful drivers for high speed limits, not to mention people who don’t want to pay taxes to support decent traffic control design.

I don’t know about the training of traffic engineers, but to define engineering as “manipulation without regard to truth” is to demonstrate a pretty low understanding of what engineering is – basically science applied to practical problems.


She doesn’t define engineering that way, she points out that the term “also has an opprobrious connotation” and then suggests that this is the kind of engineering that’s going on in practise with traffic “engineers.”


Get off my lawn.

don’t get me started on those.

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I shudder to think. Bad enough trying to drive in the Twin Cities when you’re used to driving in Detroit. We drive a lot faster in Detroit, but we’re probably half as aggressive as Boston drivers.


Why do so many of those cars lose complete control? 360º spins, up on sidewalks, etc. These are major intersections so the traffic speed isn’t (shouldn’t be?) highway speed.


Mostly it seems the drivers are completely blowing thru the red lights at full speed and not braking at all. Even on surface streets it’s pretty easy to be moving at 50+ mph.

Look at this guy for example:


On my drive up and down interstate 5 last night, near Santa Nella, there was a car honestly resting on its side in the median, perpendicular to the ground. Two highway patrolmen were standing there looking at it. I presume saying, “Wouldja lookit that.”


My neighborhood is experiencing a race to the bottom because there’s zero traffic enforcement, so that other civil forces try to slow traffic using engineering like speed bumps, all way stops, lane reduction and corner bump outs, which only frustrates the scofflaws and makes driving, biking and walking even more dangerous. It’s gotten so bad that there is two types of drivers here: those that ignore stop signs and those that stop at every block, even when there’s no stop sign, in terror of the former.

What’s crazy is it that we’re on the doorstep of the Holland Tunnel and traffic cops could fill the city coffers from out of towners if they’d just bothered.