San Diego traffic, organized by color


So sad. It took a full minute of the 1:37 video to see color at all.

Don’t blame me. My car is two-tone green.

The article mentions to drive yellow to stand out. Or, you know, don’ t drive yellow so that you don’t stand out. It’s like that xkcd about the 1l1l1l1 license plate

Yeah, cars pretty much only come in black, white, grey, and maroon anymore. It’s somewhat depressing.

Im inspired!

I think the plane videos are even better!

Years ago, before they put the giant parking garage in, I went to Disneyland. The parking lot attendants must have been bored that day, because when we got out of our car we were surrounded by other people looking around in confusion: the attendants had decided to park cars by color. We were in the middle of a sea of white vehicles.


You shoulda taken your art car that day.

yea, it’s kind of weird.
last car I bought, given what I told the guy I needed, it narrowed it down to 4 on the lot, all silver/grey/gunmetal.
and that’s me just saying, no stick shift, no black, has to have sat radio.

I must have stick shift and cannot abide by sat radio. But not black, okay.

once you go sirius/xm, you can’t go back.
my wife can’t drive a stick, and those days for me are over - commuting in a manual shift car makes the (white) baby jesus cry.

Reduce the sales tax on yellow cars, increase visibility, reduce accidents, save tax money?

We got 3 months of xm free with a new car. I hated it. Now I listen to audiobooks on the commute. I drive 40-70 minutes one way to work each day, in and out of heavy traffic and I would hate doing it in an automatic. Good thing we all have choices.

I’m curious why you hated it.
I have Sirius/XM and started with Sirius - my car and my wife’s. There’s a channel for every musical taste with no commercials, there’s two NPR channels, there’s comedy (blue and clean stations) books on tape, news, traffic/weather, opinion, etc… I generally only listen to the Jam band station, garage, the Dead channel and some hipster one my wife likes even though we’re old.
Every “terrestrial” radio station plays the same crap over and over again. Our local so-called “independent” station even went the easy route and plays nothing but 90’s alternative 90 percent of the time. Hey, thanks for playing “Jane Says” again. I’ve only heard it 17,000 times in the last 20 years…

I met Cy before. Nice guy, that Cy. Hi Cy. Bye Cy.

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