Subtle yellow chosen for street markings after anger at louder yellow


I misread the headline and didn’t read the article at first, so I initially misunderstood this to be a decision to change the shade of yellow as a form of traffic control. It reminded me of an episode of the old show What Will They Think Of Next? that suggested reckless driving could be mitigated by painting roads a nice, calming blue color.

It’s not hard to see why that idea never went anywhere.

In a time of austerity, more work for the road crew is a good thing. I say we chip in and get them some slightly-green yellow paint, just to create more work.


They must have nice, calm drivers there… My Google-fu is failing me, but there is a fundamental law that obedience to traffic laws is inversely proportional to the amount of paint/markings on the road…

Man i hope they get that sorted and fast

It’s called Shared Space, and I think the jury’s still out.

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Interesting, but I was referring to a humorous “law” akin to Murphy’s.
Based on the observation that countries that tend to have a surfeit of chevrons, arrows, lines, etc on their roadways tend to have the craziest drivers – looking at the shared space info, perhaps there is a bit of truth to it…

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Some Ludensians seem to need something to be upset about. I suppose paint is as good as anything. Talk about your first world problems.

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