Compilation of silent music


Reminds me of Philadeelia Soundscapers. (Too obscure?)

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You should see my collection od albums by Marcel Marceau!

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I remember I got a friend of mine an LP called something like “The Nothing Album” for his birthday. Same content as this record (two 22 minute-ish sides of silence), but with less of the high concept artist-statement bafflegab - the liner notes were more clearly a joke.



I seem to recall Current 93 had a silent track called Emptiness Itself.

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Here’s Erwin Schulhoff’s 1919 composition “In Futurum,” which has been recorded. It’s got silent goodness and cute musical typography. I suppose there’s some reason it’s not an ancestor of the smiley face in a couple of places.

In futurum by Kip W, on Flickr

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My parents have a copy of this LP. Silence followed by a minute of applause. Obvious intentional misspelling of the famous mime’s name.

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You know what’s better than silence? The opposite of silence.

Luchi - Falcor (turn up your bass)

Fuck Buttons - The Red Wing

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Came to say this but I see that…

I’m still at a loss as to why C F Peters isn’t suing the pants off of every major studio for their use of huge chunks from Cage’s opus every time there’s a quiet bit. This flagrant copyright theft’s so blatant it’s insulting.

Where’s Pootie Tang’s hit single?

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