German Jingle Bells



Rob! I go to places like Boing Boing to AVOID stuff like that!

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Unheilig is one of the big earsores of our times.

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Sounds like Heino, and that’s NOT a compliment!

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Oh fuck!
I first heard of Unheilig, this fecal impaction of an Ersatz Sprockets/TOOL through a legal threat I received.

Somebody supposedly file-shared an album of this crap using my WLAN.
The Berlin rightsholders immoral lawyers got Germany’s only “music” industry friendly(!) court, Landgericht Koeln, to ask my shit-ISP Telecom to disclose my name and address, which they did willingly, as a supposed match to the IP address they supplied, and sent me an Abmahnung for 5001 Euros.
Of course I was to pay their exaggerated legal cost of about a thousand bucks per mass mailing form letter I received.
After the headache of dealing with them, now, three years later, I owe them 600 Euros. I will owe those for as long as possible. I rather pay my lawyers than theirs.

No, I don’t want to touch your monkey!

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I don’t like this version at all, but “Kling Glöckchen” is one of my favorite carols. For a real version of it rather than this punk nonsense,

German-language Christmas Greetings written in blackletter. Something unimaginably cruel done to a traditional German Christmas carol. A musical style that is enjoyed by maybe 10 percent of German-speaking 15-year-olds, mostly for rebellion’s sake.

As a citizen of a German-speaking country I sort of feel someone has tried very hard to find a song that matches their prejudice of Germany.

I thus feel the urge to return (belated) Christmas greetings to the Land of Gun-Toting Cowboys. :wink:

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