Irritating animatronic reindeer yours for $5,400




The scalawags at OddityMall need to do something about its copyediting department.


Lemonade! (sorta)


“HEY THERE KIDS! 9/10 theologians agree that my existence is incompatible with that of a loving god! It was going to be 8/10; but my perky rendition of ‘Jingle Bell Theodicy Christmas’ may have had unintended effects.”


I’m not a hunter, but 30 seconds in, I’ve decided that this creature is something I could get behind shooting for sport.


Also, that sounds like Burl Ives singing. I wonder if Rudolph paid his royalties?


Observe caution…

The above story is representative; but apparently it’s a common tactic in many jurisdictions.


“is sure to sexually confuse… hunters.”
Is this desirable; possible?


I, too, would pay $5400 to blast the shit out of that ungodly thing with an assault rifle. And I’m Canadian.


how is that an issue? Some of our provinces have more guns then people.


Ssh. I’m playing up the stereotype for non-Canucks.


The ‘common knowledge’ south of the border is that the Snow Mexicans are a heavily armed; but mysteriously peaceful people, who offer a thought-provoking critique of our own society by having lots, and lots of guns; but not treating spree killing as a recreational activity.

So, lt_nemo having some guns (preferably ones that look very ‘hunting’-y, not scary military gear, for maximum agreement with stereotypes) is OK; but his rageful tendencies confuse those of us who expect him to exhibit the mysterious politeness of the northern lands.

The essence of Real American Firearms stereotypes isn’t so much in sheer quantity (though we do agree, on that point only, with Uncle Joe that ‘Quantity has a quality all its own’); but in gleefully unhinged fascination and unnerving willingness to use in anger…


It’s nice of you to try and undo the damage done by the mayor of one of your larger cities. But whenever the subject of Canadian stererotypes comes up (and it comes up frequently for me) I’m always reminded of a story from a writer for the St. Petersburg (Florida) Times. He went to his local Red Cross to donate blood and noticed there were fewer people there than usual. He asked a nurse about that, and she said, “Blood donations drop off when the Canadians leave.”


Does the same company have an animatronic camel that goes around saying “Hey guess what day it is!” ? I’d go for one of those.


For shooting.


Take out that last comma.


Sumbled over this too, triggered some, ah, interesting pictures in my mind.

Anyway, if I had the money (and the money for express delivery to another continent) - yes, I know exactly where I would put it.


Paging Shaquan Mesquito… Please come to the courtesy desk to disprove the peaceful Canadian stereotype…


The game wardens put these things by the side of the road around here to entice hunters to shoot at them so they can bust them for hunting deer out of season.


New Zealand Police could really do with some of those. We have dumb-arse idiots here who hunt from the road and occasionally bag homo sapiens by mistake … :frowning: I’d love to see some prosecutions for careless discharge of a firearm that weren’t accompanied by a manslaughter charge.