Mein Kleiner Grüner Kaktus: German novelty tune WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY


Ya, now ima in da goot moot.

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Saw it was the Comedian Harmonists and was expecting a video of a gramophone. Seriously, interested folks should read up on the history of the original group. And seek them out, some good stuff on YouTube.

Ah, now I see that it’s Andre Rieu. If you’re in the US you should look him up too.

Whee! Here’s Max Raabe’s version, if you like things more on the deadpan side (I am a fan of both):


This always reminds me of german comedian Otto Waalkes’ version I saw as a child. He’s been doing that skit since the 70’s:

It’s cute, but what is the song about? No Sprechen sie deutsche.

there’s a good translation at

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There’s a pretty good movie about the group from 1997. We watched it in German class when I was in undergrad. It’s called “The Harmonists.”

It puts me in the mind of something Danny Kaye would do. For example:

of course, the first place I heard the tune, (which was of English origin anyhow) was a Swedish version featured in the film My Life As A Dog, which to my anglophone ears is closer-sounding to the OP–couldn’t find a video, unfortunately.

Our local PBS station plays Andre Rieu during their pledge week, the same day they play Doo-Wop and Lawrence Welk.

It’s sort of a shame that he gets pidgeonholed in with Welk, because he was, well, um.

Yeah, there’s really nothing in the US that correlates to Rieu.

During those times when they’re not busy marching across Europe those Germans can be quite an entertaining lot.

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Thanks for a fine example for what makes american humor superior - the originality!

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While the humour depends much more on a knowledge of Spanish, Les Luthiers have some good tunes. They make a number of novelty instruments too, which is pretty cool.

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Ack! Es braucht mehr Kuhglocke!

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