Hitler Rap


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Rob, I want to be your friend.

Don’t be stupid, be a smartie,
Come and join the Nazi Party!

Well, I’m convinced. I’m not in complete agreement with his ideas, but I like his backing group.


the sampling of Deuchland Uber Alles really nailed it home.

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I’ll just leave this here…

scurries off

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Just had flashbacks to the summer of 1984 and beating the heat with cable TV.

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Video is unavailable in my country because, as everybody knows, seeing a singing and dancing Hitler would make us germans instant nazis.

Was nevertheless able to watch thank to Proxtube. Stupid censorshit.

…ach, mein Führer! …ooops!


I’d managed to forget about this.


Iiiiiin western Austria, born and raised…

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