Complete Prisoner scripts - and more!





They could have spared a lot of confusion throughout the series if they'd just checked punctuation for the opening sequence.

Q: "Who is number one?"
A: "You are number six."

Should read:

Q: "Who is number one?"
A: "YOU are, number six!"


This is great stuff! Thanks for the link!


The whole point was the ambiguity, of course.


(That was a joke.)


A treasure beyond treasures; thanks for this.

Interesting; the scripts refer to the protagonist as "P..." Could stand for protagonist, prisoner or Patrick.

Edit: Most likely "P" is for Patrick... other scripts refer to the little butler (played by Angelo Muscat) as "Angelo." All right, I'm obsessing, but I watched the original US broadcasts on CBS back in 1967 (I was 11 years old!) and it's still the damnedest thing I've ever seen on television.

I mean that in a good way.


I suspected as much smile


The next time I can convince some 419 scammers to act out a play so "I can prove to my boss, who controls the money, that your proposal is not a scam", instead of the Dead Parrot Sketch, I'm going to get them to recreate 'It's your Funeral'.


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