Prisoner squeezes through visitation partition in daring escape




The guard didn’t even have to take off his gun belt to squeeze through easily. Not exactly Hannibal Lecter levels of precaution being taken here, was it?


Needless to say there will be changes to this partition


And the sign-out sheet is now mandatory.


I’m not sure, but after reviewing the video, I think there are signs of more than just a single prisoner escaping.


Just at the end, there? Where there seems to be another prisoner/guard combo running out?

It’s actually the same pair- that’s what those scenes in Tom And Jerry look like from a fixed camera angle. Who knew those were based on real life?


That guy looks just like Dr. Evil.


This needs a Yakety-Sax version. Because everything is better with Yakety-Sax.

Here- I did it myself:


Here, I fixed it – thanks to the wonderful Benny Hillifier. :slight_smile:


This guy is kinda my hero.

The escaped and dangerous criminal.

I gotta re-evaluate shit.


There’s a definite Vaudevillian/Keystone Cops-thing going on there.
I can almost hear the ol’ rinky tink piano playing in the background.


It’s sad that, as a resident of Arkansas, the first time I’m seeing this video is because the BBC posted it.


I was assuming he managed to SOMEHOW squirm his way through a tiny opening. I was not expecting to see a guard just follow through so easily too. That’s some baffling design there.

Though good work on that guard for following so quickly.


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