Alabama inmates use peanut butter trick to escape prison


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The hits keep on coming.


This is actually pretty genius. With all the overcrowding, how about we institute a system where if you can actually outsmart the guards and escape, well, you’re free to go. What could go wrong?


I thought you meant this peanut butter trick


If your escape plan involved peanut butter, those blood hounds have an advantage.


Social engineering at its finest!


Hey Barney, it’s Otis. Open up the door, willya???


i’m not racist BUT

said Underwood.

(anytime anyone talks about a general group of people as they, and makes blanket statements, i just smdh.)


And this is why you can’t have even somewhat nice things.

On the other hand i gotta give the inmate props for managing to social engineer guard into following procedure… that gave him a door to the outside.


Jail doors which change their destination according to the number marked sound like something from an Ankh Morpork jail.


you could say peanut butter got them out of a jam?

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