A dozen inmates use a peanut butter trick to escape from jail

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“in a jif”… I see what you did there…


facing charges ranging from disorderly conduct to attempted murder.

Disorderly conduct, what’s that? Did he forget to iron his shirts and eat without knife and fork?


The 12 men then skippy’ed out in a jif,

Yes they did!


One hopes, for the safety of the quavering families in and around Jasper, that this hardened criminal will be recaptured very soon. [/sigh]




Perhaps it’s time for the jail to switch to using turquoise door numbers, so they don’t need to take peanut butter off the menu. And hire people with working frontal lobes. That, too.


“And creatin a nuisance”



Soon to be caught and time added to their sentences. I hope it was worth it.

No, chunky!

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You know what’s worse? This happy camper now has a more serious charge on him…

Not the kind of peanut butter trick I was thinking of

Let’s say there was some hypothetical change of law in which the original crime was made not a crime, so those locked up for the crime were let free, would the second crime of breaking out of jail still be held to be relevant? I’ve often wondered this.


That’s an interesting question. I bet there is someone on the thread that can answer that!

What about if you are wrongly sent to the death row, and you manage to escape by killing the executioner. Later you are proven innocent. Would the killing qualify as self defense?

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When one is put in a situation where they are subjugated in a debasing and dehumanizing way, the lizard brain doesn’t weigh pro and con very accurately I suspect. Immediate relief is incredibly desire-able, not to mention the rat brain yearning to solve the escape maze.

Not saying incarceration is unwarranted, but I think that some behavior is a product of psychological effect, not pure evil or stupidity.

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