Prisoners return to Philippines jail escaping home to help their families


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Humans can be so flipping brilliant…


The headline is seriously confusing.


Isn’t it though?

Perhaps this is what Cory meant: Prisoners return to Philippines jail (after) escaping home to help their families

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Well, where were they going to run to anyway, it’s an island?

Seems pretty obvious – they were hoping to make it to the Orchid Station, turn the wheel, and teleport to Tunisia.


Here in North America people would go completely bananas, and withhold aid until ‘the security situation’ was resolved. Breathless and fact-free reports of murderers wandering the streets would dominate the news, while people died and suffered because of the hysteria confusing the aid efforts.

Of course, I am completely making this up and there isn’t a single example of this happening in recent history. Heckuva job, that’s what we do.


Yes this title is very odd. Seems like it should be:
Prisoners return to Phillipines jail after returning home to help their families.

It’s a really big area comprised of both rural and urban settings with 100 million people across 7,000 islands. If you really wanted to not be caught, the authorities would have a bloody awful time finding you.

I think it’s pretty bad the guards had just left them there to die. That said I’m sure at least some of the returning prisoners were more about malt liquor, cocaine, and hookers while they were gone than seeing to family :smiley:

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exactly, since the earth is a sphere. they will always end where they started.

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(I was making an obvious joke, but thanks for the pedantry, where would the internet be without it.)

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