Prisoner molded a soap mask as part of escape plan


So he’s trying to sneak out as a stubbly black guy? How is this supposed to make you look less like a prisoner?

So here was his plan:

  1. Mold mask.

  2. Wait for Dave Attell to perform at the prison.

  3. Pretend to be Mr. Attell. Tell guards, “I wandered away from my agent. I wanted to see this infamous ‘K block’ you guys told me about.” Hope guards don’t notice mouth not moving. Be escorted to Mr. Attell’s vehicle.

  4. Tell driver to go. Hope driver doesn’t notice mouth not moving.

  5. Wonder how long I’ll have to hide out by performing regular standup gigs. Hope audience doesn’t notice mouth not moving.

It’s foolproof!


Maybe it wasn’t meant to be worn as a mask, it was just meant to be used as a fake head so it would look like the guy was still in his bunk. That’s how Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers managed to slip out of Alcatraz.

Then again, that only worked because they were supposed to be sleeping. The wide-open eyes on this mask might draw attention.


Seems like that would make more sense here.

Unless he was maybe hoping to terrify them into hysterics and then run out the door…?

As a brazilian: yes, this is true. Here the news (in portuguese):

TL;DR: prison agents thought it was an escape attempt, but the prisoner said he’s only an artist. He won’t be punished, by now, and they will help him and give more material to work.

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Yup! Happened here in Brazil, specifically in João Pessoa, Paraíba.

According to the source, the prisoner is an artist and was trying to “honor” a prison guard, that was a friend of his.

Provided it doesn’t rain…

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Hey, you were faster than me! And your post is much better! Boa! :smiley:

Less ‘uncanny valley’, more ‘Lily of the valley’.

(Guards search cell for contraband; find only soap.)

“He’s clean.”


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