Gentleman attempts to hide from police using senior citizen makeup


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And he would have gotten away with it, too…


Wow, he’s actually got great makeup. I suspect there was help, but if not h should have just done that for a living.


Mine came naturally.


Yeah, seriously. That was a quality disguise there.


hey, i just saw this on season 2 of Bosch.


And he would have gotten away…if it weren’t for those meddling kids


Does it actually say anywhere in the article that it was makeup? It looks more like one of those realistic masks to me. They describe “pulling it off”, and it seems a lot more likely that they’d have him put on a mask again for the mugshot rather than redo hours of makeup.

EDIT: You know, something like this:


This. How’d they get a mugshot if they pulled off makeup during arrest?



My gut instinct is that the attached photo is either unrelated or a shoop; the story itself may be true, but there are too many weird things about the side-by-side:

-same tilt of head
-same camera angle/focal length
-same flash offset
-“makeup” goes below neckline
-both shirtless
-eyes pointing in same direction in both shots

The real story may just be “guy tries to fool cops with shirt mask; gets caught anyway”.


Wonder if it is one of those higher end latex masks? But yes, most impressive.


The disguise began to come apart when Officer Loblaw made several Pink Floyd references, only to be met with a blank stare.


The catchlight in the eyes is completely different, so I’m gonna say, “No, not 'shopped. Or at least not the way you think it was.”

The disguise looks amazing, but those high end, over the counter silicone masks are less effective in person because when they are just pulled on (as opposed to professionally applied by a makeup artist) they aren’t glued to the mouth and eyes. So they are still effectively glorified Halloween masks with mouth and eye holes. If you try talking in one of them to a cop, somethings gonna look off.


Been doing a bit of digging and

  1. the photo is an original, according to a reverse GIS
  2. the story shows up on a Massachusetts .gov website
  3. the ATF official Twitter feed uses the story and image.

Still seems weird to me, but whatever.


Yea, they definitely should take some time off the sentence for creativity and industry!


Also, suspect was fine with police officers on his lawn.


what exactly was the gentlemanly behavior here, casting disrepute on senior citizens? I mean I guess I just don’t care if someone in the U.S sells drugs or tries not to go to an American jail because it turned out they sold drugs to people who wanted to buy drugs.


Am I the only one now worried that police and other government agencies will now start to try to rip faces off, in an effort to reveal a masked suspect?

“Uh gee, Lou, this guy doesn’t look anything like the guy we are looking for.”

“That’s because it’s a mask, chief.”

“A mask?”

“Yeah, a custom latex number, so real that it deceives the eye. The only way to be sure if it’s real is to grab it like this…”


“… And get your fingers under here…”


“…And just yank the mask right off!”


“Gee, Lou, I… I don’t think that was a mask this time.”

“Well, you can’t be too careful, nowadays. That’s why we do so many anal cavity searches.”

“Well, wrap that thing in foil, we can take it down to that Harrouff kid in the jail. Shame to let it go to waste.”

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Yes, sometimes you should also rip off the anus in case the suspect is wearing a prosthetic anus.