Concealed Carry scammers spent $2m on gunhumper scare-ads on Facebook during the 2018 midterms

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Hold on a minute. I’m searching for my sympathy. I know it must be here somewhere. Damn, where did I put that violin? I knew it was too small not to lose!

That said, defrauding a bunch of heavily armed lunatics is a risky proposition.



From the article:

“Those permits are recognized in states across the country, and even non-Virginia residents are eligible.”

But aside from that, what do the suckers who fall for these ads think will happen when the gubmint comes for their guns? Do they think that when guns are outlawed, only Virginia concealed-carry permit holders will have guns? Will they wave their permits in the freedom-hating pinko liberal Democrat atheist commies’ faces and drive them away muttering, “Curses! Outsmarted again!”?




Only 2 million? Barely worth mentioning.

While that does seem to be a contradiction from the point of view of the scammers, most gun owners do seem to want to be in compliance with the law. If that means they have to open themselves up for “Australian-Style
confiscation” because they registered for a permit of some sort, then fine, but they won’t be happy about it.


The gunsters are easily scared by imaginary bogeymen. I know several who voted against Hillary and Bernie for fear that they might stuff the SCOTUS with rabid anti-gun judges, or even start the gun roundup before election night was even over.

Thanks to the phallic fetishists, we now have the Idiotic Orange Brat in the White House.

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I’ve never been happier to be a Canadian bowhunter.


Remember in 2009 when there were shortages of ammunition, and huge lines at gun shops?

Wonder how that happened. . .

Another important message brought to you by the NRA, protecting gun manufacturer profits since you were in diapers.


Is the ad incorrect about Dems coming for guns? There seems to be an awful lot of noise coming from that direction lately:

If they’re talking about banning/buying-back THE most popular rifle in America at best, and repealing the entire 2nd Amendment at worst, it does seem to me that the statement “the Dems are coming for the guns” is accurate, no?

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And here we go.


LOL. If people are scamming “gunhumpers” (gunhumpi?), who cares? These “dregs” get what they deserve, amiright?

“awful lot of noise”

“they’re talking”

A couple of highly-biased news sources (one on each side) and a single Democrat senator from California. Wow, yeah, so much evidence for a sweeping policy change. I’m sure it’s not the same “Dems want our guns!” nonsense they’re been bleating about for decades now, while buying record numbers of those same guns (and using them in dozens of mass shootings) unimpeded. SMDH.


So… win/win outcome?


Pretty much.


These are not your people. These are paranoid lunatics suckered by their own fear and prejudice. No responsible sensible gun owner is getting taken to the cleaners by these dirtbags.


“mob rule”, or as we like to call it “representative democracy”…


What are you even talking about?

"its online curriculum for Virginia’s farcical easy concealed carry permits, without divulging that these permits are useless in the rest of America. "

That’s an absolutely false statement. Cory, it’s total bullshit, it’s 100% incorrect.

If the state of Virginia issues you a concealed carry permit, then due to various reciprocity arrangements between states, then that permit is honored in 35 states.

Is that all 50 states? Obviously not, 35 < 50. But getting a permit that allows you to carry concealed in 35 states is not “useless in the rest of America.”

"(again, without prominently divulging that these permits were useless outside of Virginia). "

Again, this is completely false. Maybe you should calm down and take a few deep breaths before posting.

They are riling them up with false scare mongering. While the purpose may be to separate the NAMGLA members from their money, the scare tactics have an influence beyond that; stirring up the irrational fears of gun lovers is harmful to the rest of us.