Condé Nast selling off mags after $120,000,000 loss

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Not surprising, sadly; I worked for one of the satellite offices as an independent contractor in their shipping department for years, and the whole entire time, they were downsizing and trying to cut costs… before they eventually decided to eliminate my own job position when they moved into a smaller office suite.

Also, kudos for the Devil Wears Prada reference…


For those of us who can’t afford to read NYT links, what magazines are being sold?


They’re selling Brides, Golf Digest and W. So filling the image with Vogue and references to Vogue is a little bit misleading.


Vogue is CN’s best known publication, and brand recognition breeds ‘clicks.’


Hmm… wonder what this means for The Shadow?

Condé Nast is who has owned the rights to the character for decades. Street & Smith were the original pulp publisher and was bought by Condé Nast in 1949, at the end of the Pulp Era.


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Hopefully nothing bad happens to arstechnica.


Has there been any works with The Shadow since the 1994 movie flop? I imagine the work remaining just as dead as it was before. If someone were really interested in doing something with the IP they should have had no trouble buying it.


only The Shadow knows…


Yes, lots of comics and they have been slowly reprinting all of the pulps. Not the most popular character, but not dead yet.

Still, if they are selling off shit, DC, who owes A LOT to the character, and who just had 2 crossovers with Batman, might scoop it up.


Smells like some good old fashion money laundering.


wondering what the late great aaron swartz would… hmmmmm

The money isn’t “lost” - somebody else has it now.


the apple ipad should have had some reasoning to make 99 cents per issue out of that thank you

Do you suppose The Shadow really wore a stylish cape and hat or did he just cloud readers’ minds to make them think he did?

I mean, if I had the ability to completely alter the way people saw me then I’d probably just bum around in my pajamas while hypnotizing everyone into thinking I walked right off the cover of GQ.


Well in the pulps he didn’t actually have that power. That was on the radio show. So since the pulps had the illustrations and descriptions I’d say “yes”.



Pfft! So depassé. So 2008!

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They did a Shadow pinball game a few years back.