Confessing to hoarding the eggnog in February

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One minor quibble

“The rum that American colonists could get from the Caribbean was considerably less expensive than the brandy, other liquors, and wine shipped from England.”

Rum was cheaper, but because American colonists were producing it in New England prior to the Revolution. Not getting it from the Caribbean. They were getting the sugar/molasses from the Caribbean to make the stuff.


I’d recommend giving the Venezuelan version of eggnog a try, we call it Ponche Crema. It’s a super simplified version that takes little effort and is easy to customize the flavor profile to what you want (seriously, it comes together super fast but ideally it needs a minimum of 1-2 months in the fridge to age and set. Ideal time is 2-6 months). I generally do vanilla and also a coffee version, and my mom typically keeps a few bottles to indulge in once in a while year round though traditionally it’s also a December only kind of treat. The main difference is that Venezuelan eggnog is on the thicker side because you’d normally want to enjoy it on the rocks, but if you like it more on the thin side you can always add a splash of milk (or booze) to thin it down.

Lets see, checking the notes on my phone on the recipe:

  • Put 6 egg yolks in a blender and blend for 5-10 mins. The longer you blend the eggs the better and faster the eggnog will set while ageing in the bottle in the fridge.

  • For every 6 egg yolks add 1 can of sweetened condensed milk (14oz). Additional note on this, if you want to ensure the eggnog thickens while aging in the bottle you can do 5 egg yolks and one whole egg.

  • Save can of sweetened condensed milk. to measure rum pour. For every 6 egg yolks add one can of rum.

  • Add vanilla, spices and other flavors to taste. Personally i don’t do spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, just vanilla but do what you like :slight_smile:

  • Blend mixture until everything has come together and pour in clean sealable bottles.


  • Serve over crushed ice and sip.

  • Once bottle is fully empty pour a splash of milk to get all of the nog goodness out of it.

  • Dark rums are preferred for this, use what you like. I use Flor de Caña (7yo)

  • Will keep in the fridge indefinitely, may take 2-6 months to thicken in the bottle. If it ends up being too thick while in the bottle you can thin it down with milk or alcohol and shake the bottle.


You should absolutely make your own. It’s so much better. And if you put enough alcohol in it - 40% I think - it will keep in the fridge forever.

Fresh nutmeg is sooo fragrant. Fabulous.


Making it is always better. The typical American version takes a lot of work though so i can see why people might be disinclined to make it, i helped a friend make some from scratch years ago and while i highly enjoyed it it needed some refining to make it less rich and heavy. Glad i got to try it homemade but i would never make it again, the recipe i provided above though… totally worth making :smiley: reminds me that i need to make some more to have ready for next xmas with the fam.

On a side note i’d love to try eggnogs from other countries. I’ve heard of coquito and while i typically don’t like coconut i think i might enjoy it.


Congratulations on your local, plural, liberal (omg I can’t just replace the liquor with ginger juice what do, sail for Venezuela in a rotary hull for the coconut components to sort it out,) eggnog batches.

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