Confused driver takes her SUV inside a shopping mall (video)

I’m also sorry if I sounded harsh. My parents are now both in their mid-80s, and both still drive. Neither exhibits any signs of dementia, I don’t think, but I’m all too aware that you’re absolutely correct: sufferers can be lucid around family and friends, say, and then end up hurting themselves and/or others by getting confused like the driver in this news article.

I’d like to think that if either or both of my parents were in this situation that “the system” would help me keep them safe by keeping them off the road, rather than empowering them to keep driving.

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A few years back, we had a guy go right through the front entrance of the Sears at the mall, through the entire store, and then drive around the mall for a while:

If you’re curious, he entered a not guilty plea to the charges. A year later he was determined not mentally well enough to stand trial.

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