Watch: Girl too young to drive careens into an outdoor table at Dairy Queen


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I have to ask, is it possible she was impaired in some way? Because I don’t think a rationale thought would be “I want ice cream but don’t know how to drive…but what could go wrong?”


That’s nothing – watch this baby drive a car:


To be fair, DQ Blizzards are probably worth the risk of driving when you don’t really know how.



I wonder who the other person was that got out of the car? Nothing was said about the other occupant in the linked post.

After my earlier comment on the Equifax post linking to the video for “Nothing Bad Ever Happens to Me” I continued to listen to Oingo Boingo. This is what was playing when I happened to watch the video on this post:


It’s been a while since I was a teenager, but as I recall, my peers and I were perfectly capable of irrational thought processes and reckless behaviour without the aid of intoxicants.

So, impaired by the foolishness of youth, I reckon.


“Hey, I’m really sorry. Can I get a Blizzard?”


Being as she was on the hook for thousands of dollars of property damage and legal liability at that point, may as well give her one at that point. On the house, even.


Even someone who never drove a car once shouldn’t cause that kind of damage. Knowledge of the brake would be enough.

Either she was impaired or she’s a total reckless idiot, to think “i’ll just go fast regardless of what I know how to do”


When I took driver ed, I had to ask which one was the brake and which was the gas.


Are we sure that wasn’t an Uber self-driving car?


totally possible.
but, target fixation is a real thing, too. happens to noobs on skateboards, bikes, cars, airplanes, whatever.
or she dropped her phone or something.


"We’re so grateful that everyone was OK,"



This is what happens when you name your daughter Toonces.


Interesting that she was able to make all the way to the DQ before suffering such catastrophic failure.


Just cuz:


Cars are weapons. We shouldn’t let children drive them any more than we let children buy AR15s. …hold on, I’m just being informed that everything is horrible. I think I need a Blizzard™.


I scream, you scream, we all scream during her rampage to get ice cream!


The video itself is labeled Dearborn. Is that the same as Detroit?


She wanted ice cream really bad.