Confusing crossways and runaway roundabouts

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Ask and ye shall receive.

Weird roads, stuff only the locals can navigate, or just plain interesting what the fuckways from around the world.

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A so called “intelligent cross way” in Tijuana Mexico, there is more:
32°29’34.0"N 116°55’48.0"W

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spaghetti junction, ATL

it’s a highway exchange, though. are we allowing those, too?

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there’s also where 75/85 northbound splits: left is labeled EAST and right is labeled WEST (they cross back over each other later but if you’ve never done it you think the signs are wrong. “well, why not just skip the cross-over and make 'em go the correct direction from the split?” one asks oneself…)


This one never seems that bad to me, but lots of people complain about it bitterly:


Lee Road sounds familiar but maybe that’s because of the generic name.

I don’t think i’d want to go from McDonalds to Barnes & Noble on my bike.

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The sign for “Confusion Corner” here in Winnipeg has “unauthorized changes” in the past. New labels: Aorta, Left Ventricle, etc.


It’s a Brighton exit, was a standard diamond shape until about 10 years ago. And since Brighton is the land where SUVs go to die, I would strongly recommend against trying to ride a bicycle anywhere near this interchange.


It’s just a Dogbone, what’s odd about that?

Edit: looking at it again, the roundabouts are complete, so it’s a dumbbell. Still not odd tho’.

It’s the fact that you have to traverse 3 of them to get across the freeway that seems to cause people problems.

Dogbones and roundabouts (as variations of roadways) utterly confuse Americans. We much prefer the blatant and authoritarian Green/Yellow/Red system. Nuance and deftness are not traits common to this country.


Until they try them for a while. They met with resistance in the UK in the 60s too, when they started to proliferate there. The US is coming very late to the party (insert world wars joke here … :smiling_imp:) but you’ll grow to like them.


I like roundabouts. They’ve relieved mile long backups at a few key intersections here, and in another case eliminated a fatally dangerous intersection (as in 8-10 people killed in about 5 years). Unfortunately, after 10 years-ish, most people still can’t figure out how to use them properly. They come to a full stop at the yield signs even when there’s not another car for a few thousand feet in any oncoming direction. I barely slow down if traffic is that light. They’re there for front wheel drive 4-bangers to drift through, aren’t they? :wink:


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