Congressman Paul Gosar was an organizer of the Capitol riot says sister

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There’s plenty of evidence that Gosar is a raging arsehole to the extent that he’s hated even by his immediate family; there’s plenty of evidence that he’s fanned the flames of insurrection and fascism with his rhetoric. Unfortunately, he’s also a sneak who has just enough animal cunning to hide hard evidence (the kind that could stand up in a trial) that he was an active organiser of the insurrection.

I hope I’m proven wrong on that last one. These arrogant dickheads are never as thorough with their cover-ups as they think they are.


“… I have no evidence to the contrary to suggest anything different”

I hate to say it, but that’s not how evidence works…


Strategically surprising (therefore) that the political party which was home to the creation and membership of insurrectionists refused any seat at any investigatory subcommittee to investigate themselves; If you’re at risk to be “in the dock” wouldn’t you like to be a prosecutor affecting those selections? (“Stupid does as stupid is” yeah… i guess) Meanwhile, they’re just droning on their feeble Jedi mind tricks that it was all just a fun outing …to hang mike pence. -sigh-


Yeah. You can’t prove a negative, especially not in court. It would be nicer to hear her say “and I have evidence proving he did.”


Are you kidding? They just voted NOT to investigate anything. Given our separation of powers and what-not, I would not be surprised if one of them shoots a Democratic senator to “fix” any possibility of a consequence, and then have their buddies decide not to investigate that either.

I am literally beyond hope of any Republican acting in a non-shitty way. They even carped about the Juneteenth holiday while voting in favor of it.


Guessing Gosar doesn’t talk to his family all that much.


This is so they can reject the results of the inquiry as partisan.


He didn’t just fan the flames. If you watch his siblings’ attack ad there’s literally footage of the Jan. 6 organiser saying he planned in together with Paul Gosar.


Gosar was removed from the family Christmas card list long ago, and rightly so.


In other news, water is wet.

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The GOP voted not to investigate anything. They’re not the only ones who can dig.

I’ll always remember a college lecture I attended given by investigative journalist Seymour Hersch. He said something to the effect of “if we’re dealing with really bad, really smart, and really powerful people, there’s a chance we may never find out what they did.” Which is true, but which didn’t stop him from exposing out malfeasance by the U.S. military (My Lai) and by the White House (Watergate). This arsehole Gosar is doubtless a really bad person, but he’s not particularly smart and has nowhere near the power, resources, or connections of the Army or Nixon.

That is evidence. If that organiser can implicate Gosar on more than a he-said/he-said basis, Gosar should be added to the list of the hundreds of scumbags facing prosecution by the Justice Dept.


Is it really useful that Gosar had a falling out with his family?

People fall out with family over politics and it goes both ways. A liberal Congressman might have several older relatives who get redpilled and start following QAnon hashtags and going to MAGA rallies. What does that say about the liberal Congressman when his QAnon relatives start showing up in NewsMax to denounce him?

It would be different if, say, they were giving us some otherwise unknown insights into the early Gosar; eg, young Karl Rove engaged in ruthless dirty tricks to wreck the opposition candidate for a student government position.

Her statement is: “I absolutely believe that … I do still believe my brother was an organizer of, or part organizer of [the insurrection], and I have no evidence to the contrary to suggest anything different.” She “believes” he did it? She has no evidence to the contrary? (What would that be? A joint affidavit from the Oathkeepers/Proud Boys/3 Percenters affirming Gosar had no contact with them whatsoever?) So, how is her statement “news” in any way?

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We all saw it happen, now they’re saying it didnt happen. The video still exists. When do you ever see people walking around with packs of zip-ties? You think it was for show? They would have just wagged their angry fingers in Pence’s face if they cornered him? I have no doubt Pelosi would have been beaten to a pulp and Trump would have watched it all live, pleased.

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Yes - this is a certainty. People really underestimate the power of mob violence. You can hear someone on the video of the riot yelling “take his gun and shoot him!” about a cop that falls down - now that’s chilling. Because if enough people yell it, it is almost certain that a sufficiently worked up person will act on it. There is a sense of anonymity in a mob that gives people license (not actual license…personal license) to do things that they would never do otherwise. This isn’t some psychological theorizing - it’s something that holds up in a court of law. You are still liable for what you do, but the mitigating factor of being in a riot will usually lessen the degree of culpability - provided you have a decent lawyer.

Ask anyone who has been in a riot…it is so fucking scary.

I’m not saying that these rioters deserve our sympathy - they actively planned for this to happen, and the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES told them to do it. I’m actually kind of surprised at the outcome - I would have expected ALL those cops to be torn limb from limb. The quick thinking and personal heroism they displayed is simply beyond question.

And now they are trying to make the rioter who was killed into a martyr. Just when you think they can’t go any lower, they do it. When are their supporters going to wise up?


When Pence was removed to safety on Jan. 6, T**** was informed that he’d been “taken out,” at which point he began talking about the VP in the past tense…did he think “taken out” meant “killed”? He seemed OK with it, if he did.

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