Congressman used AI to write a speech he read on the House floor

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“There were probably about a dozen of my colleagues on the floor. I bet none of them knew it was written by a computer,” he said.

Certainly not the Republicans. Really, though, it sounds exactly like the trite and stale phraseology used by American politicians and officials in 90% of their speeches.


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Exactly. Most ChatGPT demos show how formulaic and content free and a lot of human communication is.

It’s the same thing showing that chat gpt can write a mediocre essay for a freshman English class or a corporate press release.


So what would it have written if he requested the exact same statement but substituted North Korea for Israel?


How many politicians have their staff write up their speeches. Staff or AI all the same to me.

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All hail Lars!


Exactly that. You can ask GPT to revise anything it has already written and it will.

Well, for one, the staff are people.


i suppose it’s better than his corporate ‘sponsors’ doing it for him.

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One of my brother’s high school buddies was one of Senator Nancy Kassebaum’s correspondence assistants. Definitely not AI.


TBH whilst I deplore the inevitable, inexorable presence of IA chat in too many areas of human endeavour, I’d sort of prefer AI to write politician’s speeches, and do away with the politicians. It’s mostly meaningless bullshit in most cases as it is, so knowing it came from a machine would clarify that it is artificial bullshit for some people who are susceptible to getting taken in by it when it is delivered by their anointed political ‘heroes’.

And then both sides can whinge about the bias in the source (just like the do the BBC, for example).

Also, related…

I remember the poet Christopher Dewdney reading poems that had been written in his style by some type of trained AI - back in the 1990s. After he explained their origin, the crowd got pretty miffed.

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