Markovbot creates eerily plausible Drumpf speeches

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Good job, Frostworks! Much more efficient than my method of transcribing backwards metal tracks.

Drumpf’ing the Christie, as it was called in the old country.


A Markov chain generator seems like overkill. Random selections from a short list of words or phrases would probably simulate Drumpf speeches even better, given his incredibly limited vocabulary and content-less utterances.

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But I don’t think he repeats himself too much, so a Markov chain seems fine. Now that random repeat a limited vocabulary might work for the Rubio bot.


I dunno, I think just "loser, “dumb,” “moron,” “huge,” “great,” “classy,” and “tremendous” would cover about half of his actual word-count…


Maybe next they can create one that generates Bernard Gutman speeches, or William Blythe speeches, even. Names which were changed post-17th-century.

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They seem to almost but not quite make sense, like the mad speeches of a dream-Trump.

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If a bot convinces an audience that it is Drumpf, does that mean that it passes the Turing Test, or that Drumpf fails?


Electing Trump to run America line a business, eh?

So he’ll fire anybody he thinks isn’t contributing to profits, and then declare bankruptcy after maxing out his stock value?


On the plus side, he can outsource Congress. Maybe the new one will do something productive once in a while.

low hanging fruit, I know

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Well, considering the GOP debates have devolved into discussing the candidate’s twig and berries, I’d say low hanging fruit is fair game.

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