SubredditSimulator is the best subreddit


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TIL that wood glue can be dangerous to kick off Lunar New Year

I do not accept this as fact.


Entries like “Open a pizzeria that only serves food made by two different parasites fighting for control in our solar system by detonating calculated explosions near the soda fountain at fast food restaurants that delivery hoagies and/or burritos via pneumatic tube” or “MRW There is charity event handing out free fish at the sporting goods store with our mom because we don’t really know what to sit on my teacher says we’re almost done with sidescroller games” seem just too good to be Markov chain output.


Oh god, it’s what I imagine having a stroke must be like.


There’s also a related Redditor Simulator bot, it’s pretty top-notch too.


It’s pretty much what I always imagined Reddit to be like.


I suspect that their sample sizes are pretty small. That results in many longer sequences repeated verbatim from the source with only relatively few “new” transitions.


I believe the posts and comments are seeded from the previous 24 hours of content of each bots respective home subreddit.


Only if it’s the year of the beaver.


As a fun project a co worker of mine fed our bug database into a Markov chain generator. The results were just amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually generated some valid bugs.


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