Congress's private health club spared from shutdown by Boehner: "essential"







Would interesting to know the status of the gyms at various federal agencies. Some have gyms with similar organization - stuff for regulars, stuff for upper admin, usually nothing for the contractor-majority, but still.


I don’t know about anyone else, but I always feel a little uncomfortable when I see a Boehner in a sauna.


Will this prevent the right-wing blogs from complaining about Obama playing golf now and then? Of COURSE not!


The fitness of our Congresspeople is a national security matter of utmost importance. It is them that keeps us safe. In fact, Mitch McConnell mentioned that he strangled 5 Taliban that he discovered plotting attacks in a local cantina the other day… Or maybe they were just environmental activists. Whatever.


Especially now that the poor folks don’t have the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to watch their backs anymore.


Politicians do not deserve extra privileges. They are government employees, they work for us and those things come out of our pockets. Paying taxes to help someone with cancer is one thing, paying for limousines and champagne is another. Holding elected office should not be a way to become rich or in some cases richer. No more luxuries for politicians! Let them pay their own gym bill, not us!


Take a cheap and easy shot about Boehner’s addiction to health club tanning beds? Sure, I’ll go there.


Christ, what an assh–nah, we’re gonna have to come up with a new word for this kind of dickery.


The word is “aristocracy”.


Not to mention the fact that it is almost impossible not to notice a large orange one…


Type louder! That will shut down the gym tout suite, and bring about a renaissance of social justice.


Somebody better check the constitution for some recent edits…

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".


As in: The Aristocrats!


Leave them without the showers. Maybe then they will smell the stench up close, that we do, from miles away.


Why can’t American (and from everywhere else) politicians live like this?


If I had to pick a target for an attack, it would be their health club.


Well, most current stories about congress are just as disgusting as “The Aristocrats” stories…