Conservative commentator: trans people will replace humanity with 'New Species' that's 'Human and Part Machine'

80’s cyberpunk comics were full of street punks dressed up with ridiculous neon colored makeup/hairdos/accessories for no apparent reason… You know. The guy with the giant multicolor mohawk, wraparound shades, and weird facepaint?

We made the reason.


I’ve never seen my trans friends on social media agree so aggressively with anything on Fox News before.


That’s the part I just can’t get over. People will pretend to be stupid, just to score a few rhetorical points. How many creationists really can’t understand science? How many just pretend not to, because they don’t like modernity? Or because they want to be the most reddest of all the red staters?

I wouldn’t mind having Frank-n-Furter’s robot creation for an overlord, if he was fairly elected.


I’m thinking someone found a stash of Omni magazines.


The horseshoe theory of truth, where Fox News can be so wrong they go all the way round to being right (just not for the reasons they think they are right).


If it weren’t for the fact that kids sometimes need these technologies, I would say that these assholes who are so afraid of what Trans people will do to them should give them up, lest they promote “the agenda.”

But kids suffer enough from parents who are judgemental ignoramuses. And kids don’t get to make their own healthcare choices.


Probably trans-anything. She was frightened by a transitive verb in school.

Tell her that her computer and phone are full of trans-istors.


I dunno about you but can’t wait for more of this:


The Card Says Moops in action:


Sometimes I am glad that I live in the country that came up with Gillick competence. It’s not perfect, but it allows children to get treatment that their parents may refuse.


Simians, Cyborgs, and Women has been sitting on my shelf for 15 years now, maybe I ought to finally get around the reading it cover to cover (read a few chapters for a course in college).


Had to look this one up:

Hauntology (a portmanteau of haunting and ontology [1]) is a concept coined by philosopher Jacques Derrida in his

…and you’ve lost me at Derrida.


TFW you want horns and a spaded tail thanks to transhumanism

Seriously, I don’t know why I wanna look like a tiefling but I think they’re cool looking. XD

But in all seriousness, conservatives are finally waking up to the harsh reality that as we advance further body modifications will go beyond simple enhancing the socially acceptable. It’s inevitable that these clowns will probably wind up trying to murder anyone who becomes a legit cyborg even if it’s for medically necessary reasons like an artificial heart or replacement limbs for walking or grasping or anything really. It’s getting to the point that conservatism is so slow to change that it’s falling back to fascism as the default rather than the reaction to greater [actual] social change. I wonder how Hegel would react to seeing these kind of crisis happening.


It’s a particularly conservative slippery slope argument, one that also informs their view on abortion. It’s their idea that certain people make these decisions (which in reality can involve a lot of physical pain and psychological trauma and legal and bureaucratic hassle) frivolously and irresponsibly instead of because, y’know, they have little choice but to do so if they want to remain alive, healthy and sane. Those “certain people”, of course, are usually anyone who isn’t a white cisgender person of privilege (or selected members of his family).


You know, I wouldn’t mind some funky Unicorn hooves.


So - his field is religious studies & his thesis was on the Wizard of Oz?

It was all just a dream Paulie…another cisgender dude who’s opinions on trans people are unencumbered by knowledge of any actual trans people as peers.


I’m not trans, but I am ready for someone to hack off my leg and give me a robot one.


His knowledge of transgender probably comes from The Marvelous Land of Oz

Under pressure from Glinda, Mombi confesses that the Wizard brought her the infant Ozma, whom she transformed into … the boy Tip. At first, Tip is utterly shocked and appalled to learn this, but Glinda and his friends help him to accept his destiny, and Mombi performs her last spell to undo the curse, turning him back into the fairy princess Ozma.

Reading about Tip/Ozma fucked with my 8 year old head badly.


To be fair- few to none of us would appreciate being called his peer.


So, like, can I get the machine and animal parts even though I’m not transgender, or do you have to sign up for the whole package?