Consumer Reports best and worst deals at Costco


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My GF won’t let me get the Kirkland bacon because it isn’t sourced from happy pigs, and outside of CA (maybe even just the Bay Area) Costco doesn’t seem to source happy bacon brands. :.-(

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Apparently unhappy pigs are the most delicious then. :confused:

I’m a little dubious of CRs methodology here, as animal and vegetable products can be quite variable and choosing the best from a single one-time sample involves a lot of luck of the draw. They should probably stick to more manufactured products (although things like laundry detergent can go through regular reformulations depending on the price fluctuations of the secondary ingredients).

In my experience (spanning 7 Costco stores in 4 states) Costco actually has remarkably good meat, dairy, and produce. The quality is very consistent (much more so than my local supermarkets) - if something isn’t good they just don’t stock it.

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