Container ship breaks in half, sinks, burns

Here’s a gallery of photos showing an enormous tanker ship breaking in two at the middle, and then the stern section sinking. The bow of the ship – the Mitsui O.S.K. Lines’s MOL Comfort – was towed away, but burst into flames and broke free of its tow, off the coast of Gujarat, India. On… READ THE REST

Looks like the front fell off.


FYI: I’m getting a “404: Nope” when I click on “read the rest”.


Sinks then burns?

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“Hey! All that cheap crap I ordered from Singapore were on that ship! I guess I’ll just past the costs onto you.” -Walmart India

…then fell over, then sank into the swamp.


Jerry felt a little uneasy when he read that the entire ship’s manifest was “chicken’s wish bones”.

And so the sinister Idol of V’thth was sent across the sea to Jeddah, where the ancient order who had created it could bind and destroy its corrupting power forever. It seemed the centuries-long nightmare was finally coming to an end.

But mid-journey, the container ship began acting strangely. It moaned and snapped, the very steel rending from the fury of otherworldly forces. Looking on in horror from lifeboats, the crew watched as tendrils of aether ripped the stern of the craft away, and dragged it down. Deep into the depths, where the sealed shipping container came to rest.

Upon reading of the accident, I dared to hope that this was the end, that the cursed Idol was finally lost where it could never be found again. But I know it yet lives. I can feel its voice haunting me still, scratching at the inside of my mind radiating madness from the inky depths where it lives it lives it will alwayscalltomenoescapeNOESCAPEFROMTHEDEPTHS


It’s not a tanker (as much as those like to sink). It’s called a container ship or box ship.


These reports don’t seem to have given much space to the welfare of the crew, whether they were injured or all got off safely.

The crew was rescued. Container ship breaks in half, sinks, burns

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As I’ve grown up I learned enough about science, physics, and materials to realize that I’ll never see a 100+ foot tall robot that picks up a bus and uses as a weapon. While I’m sure container and tanker ships are built to withstand a great deal of stress, the ocean and time can be harsh companions.

When this story first broke in late June there was a flurry of reports that its cargo contained, among other things, arms from the US to the Syrian rebels. I don’t know what the upshot of all that was…

“container ships are one of my fascinations” – did you ever read this Wired article (“set the Wayback Machine, Sherman!”) relating containers to data packets?

Curious about the Syria angle, too. All sites making that link are pretty reactionary, though (both left and right). Any ideas of how to get some clarity on this?

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It said they got off and were rescued by a different ship.

This was the first thing that jumped into my mind at reading the title. Here’s a better quality version without the final joke getting cut off:

In case anyone was wondering what a TEU was.

“A 20-foot-long (6.1 m) ISO container [shipping container] equals 1 TEU.”

But the fourth one stayed up!