Container ship converted to cool super yacht


Only 72,000,000 USD


That’s pronounced Throat Warbler Mangrove

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But it was not a container ship. It is apparently a new build based on the hull design of the Vard 1/08, which is an oil field supply vessel. That means it has a big open rear deck, and takes all sorts of machinery and supplies to offshore oil rigs. The rig uses their crane to offload the cargo, then puts trash and any equipment to be returned on the boat’s deck. Here is a typical image of a load-

Sometimes, the cargo includes boxes. But often it is just miscellaneous junk. A container ship has specially built bays and sockets for loading containers. Empty, a container ship looks like this:

The Vard 1/08, when empty, looks like this:

I was surprised that so many of the articles about this repeated the “containership” thing, but I guess it is specialized knowledge.


Took me a minute and a google fu reminder…

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Brilliant. I read the comments on a facebook post about this ship and someone also said, “That isn’t a container ship! It was a support vessel in the North Seas!” But I thought I’d slip the ship in here and see if anybody bit down. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! Thank you!

If ever I should become super rich, I am buying a super fuckin ship and all y’all are invited to go break some bergs with me in the arctic before it all melts.

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