Contestants from the upcoming Squid Game reality show claim the experience was inhumane


I mean the concept of Squid Game isn’t exactly new. Have they not seen Running Man or Death Race?

Honestly, I think a decently large percentage of the US population would want to watch people actually getting hurt while trying to win something (money or freedom).


That’s really all boxing is. Two guys hurting each other for the chance to win a bunch of money.

As a culture we never really left gladiator tournaments behind, we just made them less lethal.


Well I mean serious injury. Freezing weather, for example, isn’t something to mess around with without proper precautions. (That survival show Alone I hope takes more precautions on the show than what I casually saw on the few watchings I’ve seen. They got people out in the middle of nowhere Alaska alone and things can get sideways fast.)

And sports are a risky venture, but in a whole different category, IMO. Typically people who are competing in sports at high levels know the risks and dangers in said sport. But like a game show with everyday Joes, you can get in over your head really fast. :confused:


From the articles, the Red Light Green Light game was supposed to last two hours.
It lasted for NINE hours , with pauses as long as 30 minutes during which the contestants were supposed to remain motionless in freezing weather conditions, while the producers flew drones around and reviewed footage to see who was eliminated.
A girl collapsed and medical attention was delayed while production figured how to get medics on the field without ruining the shots. Of course no nearby contestant forfeited their shot at the 4.5 millions to help her.
Contestants afterwards were complaining of muscle strain damage and numbness of their extremities, one of them fell down stairs from being too numb to climb them. Not to mention cases of colds and pneumonia.
And to add insult to injury the game was rigged like every reality show. Only a select group (mostly influencers and beautiful people) was interviewed before the game and apparently only them had real mikes. Many of them were moving during the pauses but were not eliminated. One of them who was eliminated “by mistake” was put back in the game. Extra time was added to make sure they crossed the line, while many (literally) mob contestants who actually did cross the line in time got eliminated by the expedient of remotely triggering their blood packs minutes after they had crossed (yes, elimination works by FX shooting the contestant, what did you expect?). Many of those eliminated contestans claim the plane tickets they were given to go to the filming location already had a return booked for just after the day of the game they lost.
A group of themis looking into legal actions for workplace safety violations, negligence and false pretenses.


[NFL has entered the chat]


We do that already. We watch the NFL despite knowing that people are seriously injured every single game and that they are on doses of painkillers during the game.


This will teach me to read to the end of the thread


Okay, that’s significantly worse - and dumber - than I imagined. The whole project always struck me as awful and idiotic though.


Squib Game.


Like @theodore604 said “Did they not watch the show?”

Plus I bet they used paintballs instead of real bullets. Paintballs pack a wallop.


They certainly do, as my ass will attest to after getting shot three times at point blank range on the one and only time I ever played that stupid game.

But I hear they used squibs, as posted upthread by @nemonowan


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