Continuing coronavirus happenings (Part 1)

Via CNN:

“Paul Mango, deputy chief of staff for policy at US Health and Human Services, said during a briefing on Wednesday it’s an aspiration that no American will have to pay for a Covid-19 vaccine”

“In terms of a principle and an aspiration, it’ll be that no American has to pay a single dime out of pocket to get a vaccine,” Mango said. “And we’re getting very close to that aspiration right now.”

trump just convulsed a bit. Free? Yeah, not free, and not for blue cities or states.


This is not terribly surprising, monoclonal antibodies should be effective in this way. Of course, they are also incredibly expensive, and IV delivery makes them impractical for most settings. I could see this as treatment, but not really prevention in a broad application.


Trump won’t worry, we’ll pay for it in taxes next year. It’s not like the government’s money isn’t our money.



It’s more than a little late to say that…

…unless he’s just talking about the injection:


Oh, that’s just the first time we pay for it. We pay the company to discover it and produce it. THEN we buy it from them with our taxes… :thinking:

I mean, we all know Trump and his ilk don’t pay taxes, so… I guess it is 100% free to them, and we pay 200%…



It looks like there will be another attempt at having spectators at English football matches


Middlesbrough v AFC Bournemouth
Norwich City v Preston North End

League One

Blackpool v Swindon Town
Charlton Athletic v Doncaster Rovers
Hull City v Crewe Alexandra
Shrewsbury Town v Northampton Town

League Two

Carlisle United v Southend United (13:00 BST)
Forest Green Rovers v Bradford City

I’m not convinced that Forest Green Rovers are a good choice for this trial right now (The New Lawn has just over 5000 capacity, the bare minimum for a league club), but all the other choices can easily hold 1000 fans at a safe distance.

Luton Town and Morecambe pulled out because they didn’t think they could prepare for this weekend’s games.


Trick question. They are both the biggest tool.


That seems to be his newest trick: blame Biden for literally everything “wrong” right now. Violent protests? Biden’s fault. People dying from COVID? Biden’s fault. Trump’s policy failures? Clearly, Biden’s fault. Seemingly forgetting that he, not Biden is the one in charge right now and Biden is just a citizen.

I don’t understand how these arguments can be convincing to anybody, yet somehow the Trumpians are eating it all up and disseminating it.

Nothing about any of this makes any goddamn sense to me.

ETA: And the narrative from Fox News after the ABC Town Hall was that this was some kind of “ambush” – like as if citizens asking the President fairly simple questions in a voluntary forum where he is expected to be asked questions from citizens is somehow something that should be difficult.


It’s all the fault of Emmanuel Goldstein. That book was not supposed to be an instruction manual, for the love of $LC_DEITY!


Hence: “Biden is going to make you poors!”…

Even after the biggest wealth distribution to the rich ever. Yeah, ok.


Not caring about what is true or right is how they got rich in the first place.




Wonder if they wore a mask at work?


I considered it important to report back on the Garmisch case of a reported superspreading by a US citizen living in Germany.

Short summary in English:

  • not a single case of the recent outbreak is traceable directly to the woman in question

  • three of 740 tests were positive, and these three came from locations the woman in question visited

  • it is unclear if she was informed by medical personnel or the authorities to quarantine (despite a public outcry up to Bavaria state’s president condemning her actions

  • she did report for testing upon her return from a vacation in Greece (not a risk region at the time, I understand) on Monday, went out on Tuesday and got her positive test result on Wednesday. So, if she wasn’t informed during the administrative testing overhead that she should quarantine, she’s legally not at fault.

The piece above (I suggest anglophones run it through deepl or gtranslate) also points out that especially marginalised groups and / or foreigners are easily blamed, and this isn’t the first case which has serious reporting issues. We had outbreaks at Göttingen, e.g., which led to racist undertones in reports and racist outburst on social media. I followed these closely because I know the places in question, and have friends in Göttingen, and my toenails curled when reading phrases pointing out that “clans” were “occupying whole levels” of the buildings, and family celebrations related to Eid al-Fitr were the cause of the outbreak. Fuck this kind of reports. The same is true for foreigners from the US, even though they are much more privileged in German society then people of Middle-East or Asian backgrounds.

I do apologize if I inadvertently transported anti-amercanism with my link.


It would be cool if judges in the states started to do this