Continuing coronavirus happenings (Part 2)


i am reminded of the obscure edm group–uranus hertz.


The only way that I can see this as being constitutional is if being unvaccinated is considered a “protected class”. I can see the current Supreme Court finding that it is a “protected class” but it certainly hasn’t been established yet.


Not-so-fun fact: the German Stiko hasn’t cleared the path for pregnants, and is unlikely to do before the end of this pandemic.

German only, you may try Google translate:

Fred Zepp is getting on my nerves, to say the least. He is one of the people being very careful, which I would generally applaud. However, he is not at all able to communicate well. He delivers quotes which, taken only slightly out of context, alway (and I mean really always) for into the world view of antivaxxers.
And he is the longest-serving member of the Stiko (Ständige Inpfkommission, German independent medical body in charge of vaccination recommendations).


How many states have already made it “illegal” to ask about vaccine status?

We need a few high-profile “Governor of Florida Denied Entry to (EU/Canada/South Carolina/Disney World) due to Missing Vaccine Passport” headlines. There would be pro-forma outrage, followed by fixes behind the scenes. …nothing like a bit of good old-fashioned pillory in the media…


God damn it, the cdc is fucking this up again.


They are trying to use this as a carrot to encourage vaccination, but IMHO it will backfire, masks will disappear regardless of vaccination status and outbreaks will fire up again. And this time there will be no way to go back. I understand the reasoning, but I fear they have underestimated the stupid/evil in this country at this point. One would think that witnessing the situation in India would be a reality check, but being as “those people” are non-white, I doubt any of the folks who need to get that messag will pay any attention to it. At all. On the other hand, there is the possibility of Covid becoming a problem for white, right wing folks now. Maybe it will get some attention? Probably not, though.


In Ontario, pregnant women are a priority category, and can get an mRNA vaccination within days of applying.


THIS is going to be an interesting discussion.

Holy shit, we really, really are messing this pandemic up.


Right? The fact that this change in guidance is so sweeping, so abrupt, 180 degrees opposed to some very recent CDC guidance and doesn’t even take into account the local conditions (vaccination rates, positivity, etc) of specific geographic areas really threw everyone for a loop. It’s going to be very challenging in the future to convince people to strictly adhere to future guidelines they issue because, even among those that aren’t conspiracy nuts, there will be some justified skepticism that they know what they’re doing.


Anyone involved in public health can explain how vaccinating kids is absolutely always key to controlling viral spread. They tend to not die from them, but they are immensely effective at spreading their secretions around. It is true that as long as schools and daycares were closed, kids were not a major vector, but that was a unique situation and is now ending fairly abruptly. Not vaccinating kids would be a mistake of epic proportions, IM(not so)HO.


Just tried it with a serious high strength magnet, didn’t stick to my arm, but now my allergies are gone :smiley:


The sad part is that they were so close to being able to legitimately make that victory announcement…

Hopefully, private businesses will still keep their mask policies in place for a bit longer, but that’s less likely in the places that need it most.


I can’t like that as it really is a dilemma.


i assume there’ll be an uptick in aggressive people trying to shop without masks. mostly unvaccinated people claiming they’re vaccinated and yelling about rights

even at the relatively quiet out of the way grocery store i work at, it’s never fully stopped. probably about once a week or once every other, someone has to be asked to leave because of mask less ness. pretty sure this will embolden them and make retail life more difficult


I’m going to take this opportunity to rant that, coming up on 1.5 years since the start of this pandemic, there’s still a hell of a lot we still seem not to know about what factors contribute to its spread.

Obviously vaccination, social distancing, masking, etc all play huge roles in the infection rate, and we need to keep making progress in all those areas. But looking at the performance of different countries, it’s clear that some other unknown factors seem to play an equally important or sometimes even more important role.

Some examples:
Seychelles is reportedly the world’s most vaccinated country, and prior to January they had almost no cases.and zero deaths nationwide. Starting in January they had a massive nationwide vaccination campaign and currently about 70% or so of their population is vaccinated, yet they’re now experiencing an outbreak far worse than anything they’d had so far. Haiti, on the other hand, has had practically zero vaccination to date, no real use of masks, social distancing or other public health measures, and still has one of the world’s lowest COVID-19 rates. Why the hell is that? I haven’t seen any compelling theories yet but the sooner we figure this out the better off we’ll all be. Get to it, science people!


Follow up - after my second Moderna, I got a fever and was really tired the next day. Arm was VERY sore, but it went away by midafternoon.

The oddest side effect was a night of very vivid and lucid dreams. That one I don’t mind.

Right?!? It’s on the front page of our local paper this morning and I immediately thought, “Oh, here we go!” I’m lucky and happy that I’ve been able to get vaccinated, but I worry for the mental and other well-being of those who can’t…what can they do now when faced with mask-hole anti-vaxxers, who will just lie about their status?