Continuing coronavirus happenings (Part 3)



Same. I don’t know what numbers will make me feel comfortable going maskless, but I sure as hell know it ain’t where we are.


Same here!

A week or so ago, I had somebody working a store tell me, “you know, you don’t have to wear your mask any more.” I replied, “I know, but better safe than sorry,” and kept it on. With the delta variant on the loose, I have no intention of taking any chances, despite being all vaxxed up.


Same here. I don’t go out much, but when I do, it’s mask for me!

What are the chances this pandemic will make wearing a mask at reasonable times (flu season, when sick, when going to hospital, etc.), as is common in some Asian countries? Probably depends a lot on where you live.


A beautiful thread, well worth reading (no, really):

Okay, so I’ve had to say this to at least three separate people in the last 24 hours; I’m thinking maybe some of you might need to hear it as well, my beloveds.

We are in the second year of a worldwide pandemic and have largely been betrayed by our governments. The earth itself is frying. Rich people and their corporations are squeezing us, intent on murderous profit.

The problem is not YOU, my beloved.

Try to consider that the problem might be that you’re trying to deal with things we should never have to face. Try to consider that all in all, we’re doing pretty well, considering what we’re dealing with.

The inability to focus, the protests of our bodies pushed past human limits by the stress of pandemic, fascism, governmental malpractice and corporate malfeasance? Might not be your personal fault, you know.

Listen to me and do not despair.

You—and your precious, perishable human body—are both doing the best you can.

Just consider that maybe, MAYBE, you’re not the problem. I know we tend to take on responsibility, I know we’ve been trained into that by the toxic weight of late-stage capitalism.

Maybe consider that the world is a bit mad, and your reaction is entirely reasonable.

Look at all the other people struggling and suffering around you. It doesn’t have to be like this, but some predatory, greedy assholes have decided it suits them for it to be.

Maybe, just maybe, YOU…

Again, I’ve had to say this to more than one person in the past 24hrs. So if you need to hear it, here it is: Maybe YOU’RE not the problem. Maybe what you’re feeling is an entirely reasonable reaction to an unreasonable situation.

The pandemic isn’t over, despite what corporate profitmongers want us to believe. The authoritarians are busily working to oppress whoever and however they can. The earth is cooking under the assault of corporate greed.

Maybe, just MAYBE it isn’t you, my darling one.

Just…try to consider that, and maybe try to cut yourself a little slack. Try to frame it as “I’m dealing with an overwhelming situation” instead of “I should superhumanly and singlehandedly solve these endemic and worldwide problems.”

Yes, I know some toxic people will take this thread as a shield and a permission. Fine. Fuck ‘em, karma will handle it.

If even one person who’s struggling hears this and considers that maybe they’re not the problem, it’s still a net good.

Try to imagine for a moment that maybe you’re doing the best you can and the world right now is too heavy a weight for any of us to lift alone.

And please, be comforted.

Yoko Ogawa said it much better than I ever could: “Your heart is doing everything it can, to preserve its existence.”

Give yourself the bare minimum you would give your most beloved friend right now. Please.

Or, as my now-lost soulmate once told me during a drunken night on Yesler Avenue many a year ago: “Shit’s crazy, babe. We gotta hold onto each other.”

Just…try to make room in yourself for the thought that maybe you and your body are both doing the best you can, and the world right now is a bit much for any one person to handle.

Maybe, just maybe, you’re having a sane reaction to an entirely un-fucking-reasonable situation.

It’s worth considering.


Bad news…

Cities throughout Japan are putting the brakes on new reservations for vaccination. (Note: They JUST started sending out vaccination vouchers. I got mine a week ago…)

The reasoning is that they are anticipating shortages with an influx of people getting their first shot and they want to make sure that they have enough vaccine stocks to ensure that everyone who has already gotten their first shot will be able to get their second shot at the recommended interval.


Someone at Clorox is saying, “ok, hear me out, I know this doesn’t seem right, but what if we created a virus more contagious than covid? Don’t we owe that to the shareholders?”


Google to bake COVID-19 vaccine passport support into Android with Passes API update

Android will soon have the ability to store and display proof of Covid-19 vaccination, Google has said.

The ad search giant has confirmed that an update to its Passes API will allow authorised public health bodies and medical organisations to create a digital vaccination record, which can then be stored on a user’s smartphone.

Google said it planned to introduce the feature in the US initially, before rolling it out to other territories. It did not offer any clarity about which countries are next in line, so it probably isn’t a good idea to rip up your paper vaccination card just yet.

_These records will be stored locally on the user’s device, Google said. As was the case with the contact tracing API, the feature will support devices running versions of Android as old as 5.0 Lollipop. The Google Pay app, which is often used for showing tickets and boarding passes, will not be required.



BTW, 1st shot yesterday, 2nd shot scheduled in 6 weeks.




Good news today- We’re half way there:

50% of the population in Scotland have now had 2 doses of vaccine.

Only 13% are now unvaccinated, with people under 16 not eligible yet:



No? Really?


Finland is now at 59.6% of population for at least one shot, and 18.7% for two shots. (That means there’s 31.1% of population who’ve had just one shot of vaccine.)

I got an AZ for the first shot, and then Pfizer for the second. I had basically no side effects from the Pfizer. Hope it goes well for you, too!


I know that early on in the pandemic there were a lot of unknowns and officials were trying to err on the side of caution by closing down parks and other outdoor areas / activities that we now know were not as high risk for transmission, but dang, there seems to have been a serious downside to keeping so many kids sedentary indoors:

(According to the researchers these increased cases seem to be an issue with diet and exercise, not some kind of autoimmune thing caused by viral infection)

Fingers crossed that we don’t need to do more major lockdowns in the future, but if we do, I hope that they don’t completely shut down the hiking trails and parks again. With the risk of outdoor transmission so low it probably did more harm than good.