Contrary to Chicago TV news, P.F. Chang's is not hosting the Winter Olympics


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One of those cases where the “reason why” doesn’t really make it better.


Just leaving this here… same problem, different outlet.^tfw


F’ing classic. And all the Olympians get a free order of fried rice when they get off the plane.


I hope the network gets this stuff sorted out before the 2020 games in Benihana.


Elder brother, P.F., was always the more famous one


That whole clusterfuck is hilarious. To sum up:

  1. Tweeter makes an “immigrant” joke for those sweet sweet try-hard Hamilton reference points
  2. Gets called out for being factually incorrect and maybe racist, as Mirai Nagasu is not an immigrant
  3. Points out that Nagasu’s parents are immigrants
  4. from Japan
  5. meanwhile, Nagasu skates in a Chinese-inspired outfit
  6. to music from “Miss Saigon” (set in Vietnam)
  7. I give up.


Tweeter is the opinion editor at the NYT, which is the only reason it’s relevant!


Cloudy with a chance of lettuce wraps.


Nice FOUR RING Olympics logo too.


Cos the IOC lawyers would be super up their ass if it was a proper logo.


What the people who produced this clear, simple guide? :slight_smile:

Admittedly, the guide is actually pretty clear and they do tell you upfront that they will send rabid attack-weasels after you if you infringe in any way.


This is why you actually read when you perform your google image search people.


Where’s KTVU 2 Oakland/San Francisco to help us out?

Ho-Lee Fuk!


Pedant’s reply:

“It’s pronounced Pee-young Ch-aah-ng, people!”


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