Converse All-Stars with built in Wah Wah pedal

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Do these come in different colors? I need a pair to match my mittens with a built in whammy bar.

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There is such thing as extremely limited and tasteful use of wah - It doesn’t need to be in yo face. Check out this subtle use of wah by the Texas guitar legend and too soon passed, Bugs Henderson, “Rocket in my Pocket”

My middle-aged back already hates bending over to plug in cables as is; this seems to make the task even more arduous.

My next thought was like “What about a wireless set up that used motion sensing gyros embedded in a shoe to remotely control a servo attached to the wah pedal?”

Then my next thought was “JUST STEP ON THE PEDAL DIRECTLY, STUPID”


That needed to be said.
Thank you


I enjoy effects when used properly, but this is just a dumb marketing gimmik.

There is no way I want to be plugged in to my damn shoe and then have my damn shoe plugged in to my board or my preamp or whatever. Plus it looks like it’s always on and with what must be a motion/incline sensor you can’t walk around or anything.


There are solutions looking for problems. This is more like a anti-solution, creating entirely new problems where none existed. Hooray?

Pressure sensor in the heel, output socket on the back of the heel-cup with the line (or wireless) running up to the processing unit elsewhere like pocket or belt. On/off switch in the side of the heel (there’s no place like home, click) hell, even MIDI as it’s now just a sensor or three. Works for Nike.

Make it happen, Chucks.

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even if you made it work there is just no replacement for the physical sensation of tactile feedback you get from a real pedal.

I like a wah to feel like the pedal from a 1930’s Singer sewing machine. Like I’m driving a fucking truck.


Oh fer sure.
I’m thinking about much less straightforward uses. More as a stealthed controller built into a pair of trainers that uses heel and/or toe pressure and other info to tweak signals and trigger loops. Making the beats as you dance. :smiley:

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Not to mention easing the burden on one-man bands.

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“Plus it looks like it’s always on”

That could be cool:
Just walk, and you get "Theme from Shaft."
Run, and it’s the chase scene from "Starsky & Hutch."
And a smooth sway gives you Sexy Love Scene.

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It would be more artful with this version of “wah wah”…

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Really? Even Blues/jazz purists might use some sort of overdrive or distortion. Is also consider a compressor an “effect” for dynamics, but I suppose one could use them more transparently.

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Oh, there are a bajillion touch midi / cv triggers these days. Modern dance controlling eurorack, etc.



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