Convert your face into emoji


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It was oddly satisfying to see the Dalek I loaded rendered in 8 balls and eggs(terminate) in frying pans.


Like most people

I honestly am not even sure what the hell an emoji is supposed to be for? Why would I add an 8-ball and an eggplant to my communications?

“Meet me at the bar at 7. 8-ball, eggplant, fried egg…”

WTH? Is that your order? Do they even have eggplant at the bar?


These are emoji?


You can’t see them without a sort of Blade Runner zoom-and-enhance dance.


I can see them, but… is just any tiny picture an emoji now? I can remember when we called them icons.


I guess people generally mean the specific Unicode Consortium-standard tiny pictures that you can type on a smartphone nowadays. They’re totally icons, just a specific set of them people born after Windows 95 can relate to.




I’m sorry in advance.



I feel like mine is kind of terrifying






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