This website lets you make your own emojis


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link to website plz


yeah what the heck?!


A) Behavioural experiment
b) They are too busy ordering Trumpy Bears.




Is there an emoji for “two image dumps without a fold in a row makes me wonder if someone has eaten too many CBD gummies”?


@orenwolf no link to website


I pinged @frauenfelder to give us a link :slight_smile:




I mean a quick Google search can probably produce the link but i’m feeling particularly lazy about it right now lol.


same. i need to be babyfed today


Sorry about that! Here’s the link:



A part of me dies each time I see someone put an ‘s’ on emoji.


Oh thank God! The internet is now complete!


How do you feel about ‘emojing’, ’emojiest’ and ‘emojier’.

English speakers care not for your petit mort. We take this word, stick a flag in it, and call it our own. For England!


$800 an ounce?!

i’ll have what he’s having.




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