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I had to post in two posts, because shoving all 845 emojis in one post (either as one-per-line, or in one giant paragraph) would flicker on-screen briefly as a Real Live Post, then disappear and throw with a :warning: 500 internal server error :warning: at me.

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Did you include the Cindy Sherman emoticons:

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Heh. These are the all the emojis available in Discourse.

Go to github. Make a pull-request!

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github? pull-request? What language you speak, smartman?

A post-Frankfurtian dialect of Anaglyphic.


so, you’re telling me there’s 845 emoji available on this board? I only count 373 on the menu, where can I get the others? we used to be able to use but they nuked those, for unclear reasons, taking a few I used the most away permanently.

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Git is a version control system, which manages access and contributions to ongoing software projects, and GitHub is a site that allows free hosting for software projects using git. A software developer can create a “fork” of the original project in which they edit their own copy, then offer it for inclusion in the original project with a “pull-request”.


Links to what I used, and to what I created can be found here.

May I ask what it is you are trying to accomplish here?

Is there any reason you cannot simply link to and refer to

apparently nothing productive. I like what @OtherMichael was trying to do, though; to show them all at once. I like searching with my eye rather than clicking through sub-menus, like on but my “solution” wasn’t all that great. and now I see that it’ll tell you what they all are by mousing-over anyhow, so copying the text next to them was redundant anyway.

is there any reason we can’t see all the ones in our compose-box menu all at once, at least by the category in the top bar ? the whole time, I thought those arrows at the bottom were to navigate along the top bar, for some reason. and that last one on the far right shows a star, but there’s only one emoji in it, and it isn’t a star, it’s a heart?

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I was trying to see what all of the emojis were. Then I decided to see what would happen pasting them into a message. Testing the parameters.

If I had seen a message that said “Emoji limit is 25” I would have understood.
If I had seen a message that said “post body cannot be > n chars” I would have understood.

But a 500 Server Error after several seconds of the post actually appearing I do not understand.
A reversion to a previous edit when the page is re-loaded I do not understand.

I was not aware of - not sure where it’s linked from, but it does not appear in the emoji-popup in Firefox.

At any rate, linking to and referring to http:/ would not embed ALL the emojis into a post. And it certainly wouldn’t provide them alphabetized.

Hrm. I’m seeing something different:


mmmmmmaybe in a linked-thread?

That thread will be the demo/test, and this for reporting.

You’re the best… I was sort of kidding, but not really. I have no head for this shit.

and still no stars.

this is what I get:

@codinghorror, @zogstrip, why the discrepancy?

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That’s your recently used Emoji tab. It’s specific to you, as a person, and a web browser.

Please stop trying to post all emojis in a single post. It’s pointless. Just visit, screenshot, or otherwise link to or

Emoji is (as of a few years ago, anyway) a known unicode standard. It isn’t some magical list of random stuff. It’s like saying “Let’s make a list of all the letters in the alphabet just in case!”

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That would be an abecedary. I have been known to be refer to myself as an abecedarian. We’re like Rastafarians, with all the fun stuff replaced by the alphabet.

It’s as pointless as an animated gifs, counting to ten thousand, or playing on a tiny plastic guitar pretending it’s not a fancy shell for Simon.

Some of us like seeing “what will happen if…” It’s the same reason I hit F5 in Visual Studio or smoosh paint on canvas, it’s magical.

And in this case, 500 server error seems to be the result after an initial success.

there’s nothing to indicate that on the interface you’ve provided, but now I know!


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